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One's Ask comment history is folded into one's MetaTalk comment history page, which may or may not be a bug, but the background color of the Ask threads are based on how you enter them (green from the Ask front page, grey from users' MetaTalk comment history) which probably is a bug.
posted by NortonDC to Bugs at 8:54 PM (9 comments total)

Well, Matt did surgically separate AskMeFi from MeTa literally hours ago. I'm really impressed how well the Ask page is working already (although I still think it should be renamed MetaPony).
posted by wendell at 9:04 PM on December 9, 2003

I'm glad someone posted that. I was wondering where the comments were tallied, if at all.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 9:13 PM on December 9, 2003

I haven't done anything to the database yet, I mentioned that I would have to do that soon to get more functionality but for now they share the same space and hence, the counts will be inaccurate.

Again, let's just call the December posts a test for now and I'll start cranking on making the site more functional next month.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:32 PM on December 9, 2003

You get a camera and a trip and you're putting this off until next month?

No, no, no. You're supposed to feel indebted which will slowly give rise to resentment, then anger and finally complete revulsion.

Now back to work!
posted by Mick at 7:11 AM on December 10, 2003

I vote to keep the green AskMetaFilter page because it is delightful.

Now about the blue.
posted by hama7 at 1:48 PM on December 10, 2003

My, how quiet it is in the Grey now that the Green is around.
posted by me3dia at 1:57 PM on December 10, 2003

MetaLazy works for me. ;-)
posted by Vidiot at 4:21 PM on December 10, 2003

I vote to keep NortonDC because he is delightful. And so helpful, too!
posted by onlyconnect at 4:33 PM on December 10, 2003

But then again, you just might be biased...

I'm not sure I clearly communicated the original point of this post, which is that the background color varies depending on which link you follow to open a thread.
posted by NortonDC at 5:40 PM on December 10, 2003

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