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San Diego Meetup is on. So that interested LA/OC MeFis can attend I've picked a spot in north county. Matt may or may not attend. [more inside]
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The event will be 7 pm to 10 pm at:

Oggi's Pizza & Brewing
305 Encinitas Blvd.
Encinitas, CA 92024
Tel: (760) 944-8170
Daily 11 am – 10:00 pm

They serve pizza, appetizers, and micro brews along with a full bar.

This is very easy to get to from the 5 freeway. Traveling either north or south, take the Encinitas Blvd exit and head east on Encinitas Blvd. Oggi's is the first building on the right. It's a large-ish tan and brown building with green trim. There's limited parking around the front with more parking at the ajoining buisinesses.

From the south it took me 15 minutes to get there from the 5/52 merge. From the north I would guess it might take about an hour from Orange County

I'll be there at 7 pm with BatgrlHG. If people need to be there earlier just let me know and I'll be there. I'll be wearing a MetaFilter baseball jersey. In case that's not obvious enough, I'll also keep a stuffed penguin at our table. My cell is 619-253-1826 and I'll periodically check email at If you can't make the event and want to call in on that number I don't have a problem with that. Until it bugs the hell out of us of course.

In case you're broke, I'll be buying a round of pizza and beers. The cold has cleared up, so no snot bubbles. Sorry.

If people want to carpool from Orange County or LA that sounds like a good idea. There is another LA meetup next month, but Matt might be coming to this one. And you'll probably be able to talk me into buying you a beer in penance for peeing in your threads over the years.
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Damn......... Yes. Sunday the 28th. I'm a dork.

Forgot the maps:

Closeup map
Wide angle map

And for those who have new digital SLRs which take Canon EF lens, I'll bring a selection of expensive lens you can try out.
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Need some new lenses for your glasses perhaps?
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We have cameras!
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The Wendellmobile went into full cardiac arrest on a drive from North Hollywood to San Pedro yesterday. After turning up the defibrillator to 11, it was revived, but in my craziest dreams, I wouldn't drive it to Encinitas this weekend. So, I make the following open offer: if anyone can pick me up near the Victory offramp of the 405, I will be Designated Driver for the trip back (at least as far as the Victory offramp of the 405, or any location where the MTA buses still run on Sunday Night)... E-mail me at my secret MeFi profile address...
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I think I'll be attending! Very cool. I'm an old MeFite, try and keep up, but mostly lurk when I read.
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