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Not sure if this is a bug, but on some posts the links aren't showing up for me, both on the home page and on the detail. (IE 5.50)
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This post and this post, in particular. It is this way for everybody?
posted by accountingboy at 10:25 AM on March 21, 2001

posted by mathowie (staff) at 11:42 AM on March 21, 2001

IE 5.50.4134.0600IC
Win98 2nd edition

Acutally, I just figured out what causes it, but don't understand why it happens. I'm using AdSubtract to filter ads and cookies, and with filtering enabled the link text doesn't show up (even in the source). With it off, it works just fine. The diagnosis I can figure out, the explanation I can't.
posted by accountingboy at 12:06 PM on March 21, 2001

I assume the urls contained domains in the AdSubtract block list? You know, there are simpler ways to remove ads from the web.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 1:45 PM on March 21, 2001

What, with broken links? :)

I assume that links to an article on editing your hosts file. I've done that at home, but for some reason or another my firm uses adsubtract on all our machines. Probably because it's a touch more user-friendly, and not everybody here is as on the ball as myself (so they're really off the ball). However, I was pretty amazed at how much faster our connection seemed after we started using it (all 25 of us share a 56k modem connection using an internetanywhere box). And it is pretty neat to see how many ads and cookies you've avoided per session.

By the way, I looked into it a bit more, and it seems that AdSubtract rejects displaying any link with the string "ad" in it. The link was still there, it was just 3 pixels wide - kinda hard to find if you're not looking explicitly for it.
posted by accountingboy at 3:36 PM on March 21, 2001

Yeah, the curse of the host-blocking mechanism is that the lists need to be constantly tuned. Also:

-- Some sits put ads and normal images on the same server, so if that site doesn't use height and width tags (and many don't), the site looks like hell when the images don't load.

--iCab, a browser I've been wanting to make my main browser for a while but which is just not quit there yet, burps up an error dialog evertime it can't reach a site. Very, very annoying.
posted by Mo Nickels at 3:00 AM on March 22, 2001

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