Should I allow my feelings to be hurt? April 11, 2000 10:00 PM   Subscribe

So am I being overly sensitive when, after someone reposts something I -- or someone I love -- have already contributed, I allow my feelings to be hurt?
posted by luke to Etiquette/Policy at 10:00 PM (7 comments total)

And the harm here would be defined as .... ?
posted by dhartung at 10:09 PM on April 11, 2000

The harm is that when posts get repeated, it boosts the noise:signal ratio, which limits MF's utility, which boosts my inclination to stop visiting.

Are were you questioning the harm in hurting my feelings?
posted by luke at 7:24 AM on April 12, 2000

luke, I did notice the mcsweenys post, and was going to delete it, but by the time I saw it, there was already a comment or two, so I let it stand.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 9:53 AM on April 12, 2000

Um, guys, if you are referring to my post about how McSweeny's is abruptly back to normal with no explanation, I did look through the past few days to see if anyone else had reported on it, and I didn't find it. Did I overlook it?
posted by mrmorgan at 1:48 PM on April 12, 2000

Now... these 'funny pictures' recently-- these things that commonly are forwarded from friends who aren't 'internet people'-- and in general three-second links, those sites that you visit and immediately go Back without missing anything-- aren't all these more appropriate for personal logs? They seem to go against the character of mf.
posted by EngineBeak at 2:05 PM on April 12, 2000

I think luke mentioned it because he posted about mcsweenys going back the day before. And EB, yeah the pictures are usually stupid, unless they warrant discussion. I posted a stupid April Fools pic on March31, and everyone talked about the jokes they were going to pull at the office. Sometimes it's like a funny caption contest too, and that's usually funnier than the image itself.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 5:00 PM on April 12, 2000

Apologies, Luke; I saw your post, but I didn't realize that was your point. And I still am waiting for that whole thing to be funny.
posted by mrmorgan at 5:33 AM on April 13, 2000

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