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I want this pony: To help make the AskMe archive a little more mineable and thereby cut down on repeat questions, might we include either arbitrary keywords, selected by the questioner, to flag the question, or more simply a choice of categories to apply to the question (as we have in MeTa)?
posted by badstone to Feature Requests at 1:04 PM (7 comments total)

This is also an opportunity to continue five fresh fish's thread which got derailed in the lamest way possible. In addition to labeling questions, a "Hall of Fame" of particularly good answers similar to the sidebar on MeFi might be good.
posted by badstone at 1:09 PM on January 17, 2004

and curb feelers.
posted by quonsar at 4:39 PM on January 17, 2004

Im Afraid I Got Excited & Touched My Pony In The Wrong Way. ;/

Im Sorry...
posted by Dreamghost at 7:36 PM on January 17, 2004

A little retromingent will fix that.
posted by five fresh fish at 12:57 AM on January 18, 2004

it's two mingents in one!
posted by quonsar at 1:15 AM on January 18, 2004

I think categories would be a great idea.
posted by scarabic at 12:36 PM on January 18, 2004

More here, for instance ... (so maybe need a way to make Metatalk more mineable too and thereby cut down on repeat questions ... or maybe this needs to be asked again ...)
posted by carter at 7:04 AM on January 19, 2004

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