We can discuss politics in AskMe, but we cannot joke about it January 19, 2004 8:52 PM   Subscribe

crazy finger treads the fine line... which is to say the kudzu seems to be taking...
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Well, people enjoy testing limitations. But, I think politics shouidn't be off-limits, not completely anyway. As much as I thought that Miguel's post was pushing the "practicality" envelope, intelligent and relevant political posts, in any area of this site, are worthwhile.

This reminds me of the unspoken rule banning sports links to the frontpage, simply because SportsFilter exists. There was so much initial pressure to read SportsFilter, I still think twice before posting any sports-related links to MeFi.
posted by BlueTrain at 9:01 PM on January 19, 2004

without kudzu, how can there be a good old days to piss and moan about?
posted by quonsar at 9:09 PM on January 19, 2004

Speaking of sportsfilter....

(although I'm aware there may have been a point behind it)
posted by namespan at 9:24 PM on January 19, 2004

That was a pretty lame post and most comments were jokey. Why not just ask it as a comment in the next post to mention edwards?
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:03 PM on January 19, 2004

I didn't see the post in question, but it really seems to me the issue shouldn't be "can we keep politices off ask metafilter?" but "can we keep stupid questions off ask metafilter?". Good political posts and questions add to both metafilter and ask... in my opinion. Posts used to sound off, prompt discussion for it's own sake and bait flaming are bad posts whatever the subject matter. That political posts are most likely to prompt these responses is indicative of strength of feeling. To avoid the subject entirely is a cop out, as the problems stem not from the politics of the issue but from the lack of courtesy between metafilter members in listening and respecting eachother's opinions—and that goes for me as much as anyone.
posted by nthdegx at 4:33 AM on January 20, 2004

Agreed, nthdegx. But for a while I've wanted to ask "How can I find out what contractors are actually doing in Iraq?" I think it's an innocent enough question, it's totally informational in phrasing, but I'm still afraid it will blow up, precisely because of the problems you mention: "the lack of courtesy between metafilter members in listening and respecting eachother's opinions." Put another way, discussion on politics often makes people crazy and stupid. That's why I'm afraid to see it on AskMe, which so far seems to be sane and helpful.
posted by namespan at 7:35 PM on January 20, 2004

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