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Open Letter to Mr. Zeldman, Mr. Davis & Mr. Haughey:
Well, guys, what can I say...I plead "supidity"?

I recently contributed to turning a thread, which I'm sure was intended for all well-wishers to Glenn Davis their fondest thoughts... into my soapbox about how sites shouldn't be judged, and contributed to the silliness. For that I'm deeply ashamed. [More groveling inside...]
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I don't apologize for *what* I said....but the fact that it wasn't the time or place. It was a time to wish a great web poineer our best.

Mr. Davis: You're one hell of a designer. Doing DHTML on Project cool, at a time when browsers barely supported it, forcing the browsers to conform to the standards...I don't believe for a second, you're gonna be gone from the web for long. You'll come back to blow us away with something better.

Mr. Zeldman: You've always been there for me, not just the design tips...but you were there through my darkest hours of my personal life, always willing to listen, and just an email away....depite your personal pain in facing what must be the hardest thing for any son to endure.

Mr. Haughey: Hey, this is your crib, bro. I had no right to turn it into a three ring circus.

Anyone that knows me (as a loudmouth, jerk, {insert your description here}, knows I can't promise it'll never happen again....but I truly feel bad about this one. I'm sorry gentlemen.
posted by EricBrooksDotCom at 11:06 PM on May 7, 2000

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