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This is a classic self-blog. [more]
posted by mathowie (staff) to Etiquette/Policy at 8:49 PM (19 comments total)

bonzo is the author of the article he points to, and it's a fine article worthy of posting on the site, so I'm having trouble deleting it. I suppose since he hid his details no one has noticed it yet.

Though, instead of being blatantly self promoting, I see a positive spin on this. If there was no where to publicize what he wrote, would he have written it? Did the existance of MetaFilter prompt him to write down his thoughts and broadcast them here?

Anyway, just something to think about, perhaps having an announcement section of MetaTalk that people can "promote" to the front page of MetaFilter has some merit (kuro5hin style).

I want to make it clear that I'm not condoning what he did, it's the reason why there's a rule not to do it, but there's something to be said about the stuff that's self-post worthy.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 8:52 PM on June 10, 2001

FYI, Matt. It's not his first.
posted by jpoulos at 9:24 PM on June 10, 2001

I've noticed that too, and refrained from commenting on it in the actual thread because I enjoyed his site and didn't want to discourage his efforts (I'm guessing theres a lack of visitors on his own site that made him resort to this), but interestingly - everytime I've visited has only been via a self-post on MeFi.

The giveaway for me, was when he posted the Kaycee FAQ as his own writing. And 3 out of 4 frontpage posts have been to the same site.

I like the idea of an announcement, or selfblog section for people to promote up to the front page.
posted by aki at 10:15 PM on June 10, 2001

The self-post worthyness of something is so subjective. I was neutral about this mess until it degenerated into tit for tat attacks.

I appreciate the amount of work bonzo put into his article, but it just regurgitates things that have been discussed at greater length many times before and it doesn't offer anything new.

I don't like the idea. If a person contributes enough to Mefi, they will get the attention they deserve. I think they need to learn patience. Unless you are young, Cuban, and shipwrecked you are not going to be an overnight sensation.

posted by john at 10:49 PM on June 10, 2001

Isn't that why we have the mefi-projects list?
posted by owillis at 11:19 PM on June 10, 2001

The mefi-projects list is for announcing entire sites or projects... whereas I think Matt's idea was for specific topics or articles one might want to bring to attention.

I agree, John, that its subjective, and i too thought the actual topic/article today (the Napster thing) failed to offer anything new (to say the least). But I wasn't encouraging this idea based on the quality of that article, but on the thought that there may be interesting topics that people would want to present to the MeFi crowd. And it may be a shame to miss something which is interesting...

I'm not actually a fan of the whole vote-articles-up system (at least not how its currently implemented in Kuro5hin or similar sites), but I think it at least gives these people an outlet, and is a way to handle/filter them.
posted by aki at 2:04 AM on June 11, 2001

My thought is that MeFi should encourage people to express their opinion, and indeed write articles for this audience if that's the way they want to express themselves.

However why not do some research, find some other links that are relevant, and post the best 2-3, along with your own writing, to the front page?

The downside is that people might try to promote themselves along with 2-3 crappy links. In the end it's all about execution. It's too tempting to throw it wide open.

Maybe it should be run like a southern country club-- if you've got something from your own site you'd like to share, post it in metatalk, and if two other people post it, you're in.
posted by chaz at 4:03 AM on June 11, 2001

I don't think there's anything worthy about posting links to your own work while disguising that fact. Especially since Bonzo's ability to get away with it will encourage other people who might have been hectored into submission by past MetaTalk threads on this subject.

The problem with a MetaTalk section for self-promoters is that people will promote each other's links regardless of whether they deserve to be on MetaFilter.
posted by rcade at 7:31 AM on June 11, 2001

We're averaging 3-5 announcements a week on the mefi-projects list. I'm open to allowing people to post announcements of new content as well, although I'll probably put that in a separate section with title and link only.
posted by kindall at 8:13 AM on June 11, 2001

I've never posted a link to any of my essays to metafilter. I sort of think it would be embarrassing to post a link to my own work here. it only counts if someone *else* posts it.

in any case, wouldn't the projects list be the place for such a notification? or a projects page, with no promotion to the top page? (if someone chose to just link it after reading it there, that would be a different matter.)

(I have to admit that I'm feeling less lenient in this case given that three out of four links have been self posts.)

and has anyone notified bonzo that he's being discussed here (since, as I understand it, that's our policy?) - rcb
posted by rebeccablood at 9:01 AM on June 11, 2001

We're averaging 3-5 announcements a week on the mefi-projects list. I'm open to allowing people to post announcements of new content as well,

I like that idea best.
posted by jpoulos at 11:14 AM on June 11, 2001

perhaps, announcing new content and asking for feedback? rather than "i made 6 blog entries last week!"

i like the list, and look forward to the day when i get un-lazy and update or add something so i can share it.
posted by th3ph17 at 12:22 PM on June 11, 2001

I just signed onto the mefi-projects list, so if we go that way, it's jake with me. However, I still wouldn't mind a larger pulpit; up until now, I never knew this projects thing existed. Yeah - I know, my fault for not being more attentive of the sideblog... but I'll bet I'm not alone by a long shot.

Over the course of the last year I've won 3 awards for vertical site of the week from the Newspaper Association of America on three different projects, and one project that brought in 125,000 unique users from 81 countries in a month; it really would be kind of fun to hang new ones on the door, and let the folks take potshots at 'em. Regular users rarely take the time to stop to comment; having the Mefi-crowd available as a focus group would be a tremendous help.
posted by Perigee at 3:31 PM on June 11, 2001

The promotion of the mefi-projects list is sort of a stealth marketing experiment. I want to see how successful it can be with only word-of-mouth marketing it. OK, OK, the sideblog is rather more prominent than word-of-mouth, and the mention there got things rolling. But everytime someone posts a self-link, or a self-link discussion pops up here in MeTa, the mailing list gets mentioned by people who know about it, and it picks up a few new subscribers.

Also, frytopia recently blugged a site from the list (giving the list credit), then in response to overwhelming interest ;) frykitty later posted a link to the list signup page. That resulted in a noticeable spike of subscribers, probably a 10% increase.

So word's getting around, and I'm finding it very interesting just how it's getting around.
posted by kindall at 11:23 AM on June 12, 2001

"Blugged"? One of the few times I dislike the Dvorak keyboard layout...
posted by kindall at 11:24 AM on June 12, 2001

Frykitty controls pretty much all of the non-Kottke blogging activities on earth, but you haven't heard that for me, 'coz I ain't one to gossip.
posted by hijinx at 11:25 AM on June 12, 2001

Self-post can be beneficial where it is clearly known that it is self post. In addition to putting in its own
section, you could further condition by limiting it to members who have been members for a certian amount
of months, to limit the abuse, and you could have yourself or a designated 'editor' to make the choices.

posted by brucec at 11:54 AM on June 12, 2001

The territorial agreement between myself and Mr. Kottke was, as I believe you knew, a confidential matter. Your betrayal wounds me deeply. Expect a visit.
posted by frykitty at 12:40 PM on June 12, 2001

I posted to the newer thread, if you would like to see that.
posted by bonzo at 10:50 PM on June 18, 2001

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