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Here's the deal. I have a new project that I have been working on that I think might be of interest to the Metafilter community. The project is:

1) Not-for-profit
2) Community oriented (not a personal page)
3) Interestingly experimental
4) Thrives on participation

I've read through the posting guidelines and this seems to walk a VERY thin line of self promotion. I must admit I do want the traffic. But the main reason I want the traffic is because I want to hear what people have to say. I also honestly believe people here might be interested in the conversation as well. How dose that work out? Where is the line?
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this issue has come up before, and there needs to be a place where people go to announce new things like this. I know a couple people working on something similar, one is doing a site that does nothing but highlight personal and non-profit projects, and announcing you site there will be encouraged, the other thing I've heard about is some central weblog site that would have a place for announcements.

I guess the self blogging is alright if it's something amazing. When I finish the ticketstub project, I'll post that to metafilter, but whenever I redesign my home page, I don't think that's worth posting to the site.

What's the site URL anyway?
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The site I am referring to is called He Said She Said, it's a conversation on gender. Part of the experimental side involves using voice to tell stories. All of the entries on the site are in mp3 format and people submit via an toll-free phone call. I would love to find out more about both of the sites you mentioned. Do you know where I could look those up?

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I second the mf.announce idea. I'd like to look at them all at once (from a reader's perspective) and I'd like a place to post without fear of reprisal (from a contributor's perspective).
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how about I setup and use it as a place to announce new projects (I assume it will be seldomly posted to)

Shmuel - one the projects I mentioned is still top secret, the other is in the planning stages.
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I have a couple take 'em or leave 'em ideas. First what if Announce (because it will hopefully get very little traffic) was moderated? Set some rules about what can be submitted and what not. Second, what if you added a brief version of that blog down the side of the main Metafilter page, sort of like Metafilter is on your site? This would further discourage people from self promoting on the main page. Third, it might be nice to add a list of MetaTalk threads to the front page of Metafilter as well. I would love to be able to see from that page everyplace an update has been made in this small network of sites. Just some thoughts.
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Indeed. And, being onesuch, I'd like to suggest that alreay existant blogs be acceptable for mention... *once*.

Let's face it, there are *lots* of readers here who don't realize that many of the posters also blog theirownselves...

Matt? What are the current average counts? Hits/day by logged and non-logged users? Sorry; visits.
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Doen't Lance over at have something similar to the 'Announce' idea? His is for collaborative web projects and the like (I think). I actually have a project I would like to announce if something like this becomes available.

You rock like hurricane. All hail mathowie!
posted by Jeremy at 7:54 AM on May 11, 2000

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