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I'm calling for a Chicago meetup. Anyone interested? Anyone want to propose a date and place?
posted by kenko to MetaFilter Gatherings at 8:17 PM (25 comments total)

I can't possibly make it but I'm grateful for this post all the same!
posted by y2karl at 8:37 PM on June 16, 2004

I'm nowhere near Chicago, but I'd like like to go on record as saying that kenko is a good and decent and generous human being. If someone wants to buy him a soft drink or something on my behalf, I'd gladly send some Canadian money or repeatedly click through your website to compensate you!
posted by loquax at 8:51 PM on June 16, 2004

I'd be interested. Weekends are better than weeknights, and given that I live in Hyde Park, anywhere we'd probably want to meet is equally inconvenient. Oh, and it can't be the third week of July.
posted by Johnny Assay at 9:35 PM on June 16, 2004

Hey, we could always meet at Jimmy's.
posted by kenko at 9:54 PM on June 16, 2004

Sign me up for dat. Representin' the Northsiiiiiide!
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 10:24 PM on June 16, 2004

I'm moving to Chicago on August 9th. I'd like to meet up.
posted by corpse at 5:41 AM on June 17, 2004 [1 favorite]

Me, too, on both accounts so if ya'll (I need to get all the "ya'lls" out of my system before we leave the south) have one before we move, I hope we can have another one after because I've always wanted to go to a Mefi Meetup!!!
posted by jennyb at 8:47 AM on June 17, 2004

I down. I'll be out of town the weekend of the 17th, but the weekend of the 10th is clear.

Places? How about Hopleaf?
posted by me3dia at 9:22 AM on June 17, 2004

I'm in, and I'll meet wherever. Because I'm a whore.
posted by eamondaly at 9:42 AM on June 17, 2004

Moz and I are there! We're northside, but we can go where the el goes.

Yay! I have been waiting for this for like, as long as I've lived here.
posted by sugarfish at 11:37 AM on June 17, 2004

I'm moving to Chicago* on July 1st!

*Okay really Westmont, but close enough, right?
posted by Steve_at_Linnwood at 5:34 PM on June 17, 2004

Did I scare everyone off?
posted by Steve_at_Linnwood at 12:20 AM on June 18, 2004

I'll hang out by the wayside for a while until i get drunk enough to come over. Just let me know where its at.
posted by pemulis at 2:10 AM on June 18, 2004

posted by agregoli at 6:57 AM on June 18, 2004

I was thinking about coming down from Madison, until I heard that Steve would be in attendance.

I kid, I kid. Even though he was too good to come to our Madison meetup, I hear he's a fine chap. If this ends up being on a convenient weekend, I may convince the girlfriend to come down with me and make a mini-vacation of it.
posted by UKnowForKids at 7:32 AM on June 18, 2004

I was a little disappointed in the limited but good tap selection at the Hopleaf the first time I went there. I've been ruined by Monk's Cafe in Philly. I'd gladly go there again though.

Another suggestion, how about Live Band Karaoke? It can get a little loud, but a lot of fun can be had.

Of course you still have to wait till august, or have a practice run without me and jenny there.
posted by corpse at 8:10 AM on June 18, 2004

Mmmmmmmm...Hopleaf. Beer good. You name the time, I'll be there. And sorry, kenko...I LIVE in Hyde Park, and I can't even seriously consider Jimmy's. Yecch. ;)

Other alternatives? How about Four Moon Tavern in Roscoe Village? The fish and chips cannot be beat with the proverbial baseball bat. Or may personal favorite, Danny's.
posted by 40 Watt at 8:28 AM on June 18, 2004

Yeah well. I don't really want to go to Jimmy's either. I've never been to any of these places so it doesn't make much mind to me. Though I do note that 40 Watt's suggestions are close to me.
posted by kenko at 9:26 AM on June 18, 2004

Four Moon is about .25 miles from my house, so I might even have to go if it is there. (I haven't been to an on-line meetup since a WWIV BBS gathering in about 1990 that truly frightened me.)
posted by Mid at 2:47 PM on June 18, 2004

I'm down with four moon. My old hood (as was Westmont S@L).
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 8:41 AM on June 20, 2004

So........anybody else have any other ideas? or should we put it to a vote or something?
posted by 40 Watt at 4:10 AM on June 21, 2004

On the basis of El accessibility I'd vote for the Four Moon. The Hopleaf sounds interesting, but if you live in Hyde Park and don't have a car (as I do and don't respectively), anything north of Irving Park or so is referred to as "way the fuck up north."
posted by Johnny Assay at 12:04 PM on June 21, 2004

I'm down with the Four Moon. If we wait until the weekend of August 13th, corpse can come too.
posted by kenko at 2:36 PM on June 21, 2004

Four Moon works for me. August 13 does, too.

I hear you, corpse, re: Monk's in Phila. Damn fine taps. And if only Hopleaf would cook with beer more...
posted by me3dia at 11:15 AM on June 25, 2004

Dammit! I'm going to be out of town that ONE stinkin' weekend in August. Oh well, enjoy the fun, guys.
posted by 40 Watt at 6:56 PM on June 27, 2004

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