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NEWSFLASH: "Pepsi Blue" is no longer funny (was it ever?) As my very first post reflects, I actually am concerned about sly product placement on MetaFilter. But I'm tired of the cynical 'viral marketing' callouts on any post that is in any way tainted by the scent of capitalism. At one time I may have found it amusing, but it's just getting old. And in the FPP in question, I don't appreciate the backhanded accusation. It's obviously an innocent post, and if it garners more attention for lucky Mr. Kerry Edwards, then more power to him.
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It's called a joke. I don't think it's an insinuation about your character. This metatalk thread is, in my opinion, unnecessary.
posted by The God Complex at 11:41 AM on July 22, 2004

Really? Hmmm. Okay. Damn.

Nothing to see here folks, please move along.

Note to self: Get sense of humor.
posted by _sirmissalot_ at 11:58 AM on July 22, 2004

Sorry, my comment looks harsher than I intended it. I just think you'll find the pepsi blue thing comes up a lot and it's meant as a sort of community joke more than anything; very rarely do I see it used in a derogatory way. And if I'm wrong then I'm on your side ;)
posted by The God Complex at 12:05 PM on July 22, 2004

It is usually meant as a joke, but like any joke* told over and over again, it has become tired and annoying.

*Except fart jokes. Those never get old.
posted by gwint at 12:20 PM on July 22, 2004

I validate your point of view, sirmissalot, but in truth I'd rather err on the side of irritating you with a stray comment here and there than leave the door to ViralFilter ajar, but then, I'm one of those proscriptivist assholes who's always telling people what MetaFilter is and isn't for.
posted by scarabic at 12:20 PM on July 22, 2004

Jokes told over & over again are catchphrases.
posted by i_cola at 12:50 PM on July 22, 2004

So these jokes... they vibrate?
posted by Robot Johnny at 12:52 PM on July 22, 2004

Whew. I thought you were calling me out for my Pepsi Blue comment in the Krispy Kreme drink thread. I thought it was appropriate there since it was a thread devoted to a single new drink sensation.

Did anyone laugh at mine? Chuckle? Smile? Nod in agreement? Blink your eyes kindly?
posted by strangeleftydoublethink at 1:01 PM on July 22, 2004

Pepsi Blue is NOT funny. It was never funny. There's nothing funny about it.
It is, however, a refreshing and thirst-quenching work of art.
posted by graventy at 1:59 PM on July 22, 2004

Pepsi Blue is NOT funny.

Do people chime in with "Pepsi Blue" to be funny, or to say "hey asshat - quit posting product announcements to the Blue."
posted by scarabic at 2:15 PM on July 22, 2004

Whew. I thought you were calling me out for my Pepsi Blue comment in the Krispy Kreme drink thread.

For a second, I thought it was about my comment in the 'hey, look at this neat Nike ad' thread. Is it just me, or has there been a lot of Pepsi Blue-style action around here recently?
posted by reklaw at 2:20 PM on July 22, 2004

In Soviet Russia, jokes laugh at blue.
posted by milnak at 3:00 PM on July 22, 2004

Lack of creativity + stick and a dead horse = Metafilter me-too comedians. Try harder, people.

(The above observation is directed at a class, not an individual.)
posted by rushmc at 3:00 PM on July 22, 2004

Is this "Pepsi Blue" something you'd need a hearty thirst to appreciate?
posted by chicobangs at 3:00 PM on July 22, 2004

...and rushmc is about to kick my ass.

But I've never actually seen a Pepsi Blue. (Not that I've looed, but -- never.) Did it ever get out there, or am I just being obtuse?
posted by chicobangs at 3:02 PM on July 22, 2004

Let's all flizzle-flazzle goopyity gloop and eat some jello! Or some pudding pops, shizzity sham!
posted by bargle at 3:27 PM on July 22, 2004

zzzzzzzzzz god damn, what's happening to metatalk? Hasn't anyone recently told a tubbie to go fuck themselves and the gay horse-they-rode-to-the-republican-gun-owners-convention-with while simultaneously ignoring the post-an-answer-not-a-snark rule in an axme post cross-linked to a newsfilter post about feeling the pain of the poor people? We're reduced to this?

I worry that the low-quality pancakes are decreasing the quality of the *real* MeFi draw too. C'mon you trolls, it's time for a blowout in here.
posted by bonaldi at 3:30 PM on July 22, 2004

this in-joke, it vibrates?
x, x, ?, profit!
pepsi blue.
this chicobangs, is it something you'd need a television to appreciate?

. . . any other comedy gold i'm missing? i need to be reminded when to slap my knee and chuckle so that it appears natural and sincere.
posted by _sirmissalot_ at 3:31 PM on July 22, 2004

posted by dhoyt at 3:35 PM on July 22, 2004

"I kid because I love", etc.
posted by dhoyt at 3:37 PM on July 22, 2004

Pastel-suited jackals.
posted by ook at 3:37 PM on July 22, 2004

Actually, I'm strangely encouraged by the mood at MeFi in the last 18-24 hours. 20 threads without a single flamewar... even the 911 Commisison report was posted without major incident (the worst offense of the day seemed to be matteo's longwinded Jack Johnson thread, and it was definately not empty calories); the previous MeTa thread took a turn for the nicer, and this one never got nasty. The Kerryedwards.com thread was something I'd seen before, but definately not "PepsiBlue". AskMe is poop free too!

Does this mean that "Self-Policing" is working?
posted by wendell at 3:51 PM on July 22, 2004

who let the pike in?
posted by Kwantsar at 4:17 PM on July 22, 2004

Does this mean that "Self-Policing" is working?

No, it means you just jinxed it.

Armageddon in 3... 2... 1...
posted by DaShiv at 4:29 PM on July 22, 2004


no, see, I was adding to the list of in-jokes
posted by gleuschk at 4:48 PM on July 22, 2004

...MetaFilter is dying; NetCraft confirms it.
posted by keswick at 4:51 PM on July 22, 2004

So seriously. What do all your relatives do for a living?
posted by chicobangs at 5:36 PM on July 22, 2004

At least the "Pepsi Blue" in-jokes have meaning. The standard "insert unfunny Simpsons-reference here business" pisses me off a lot more. C'mon, people: The Simpsons hasn't been funny for eight fucking years! Time to stop name-dropping it!
posted by interrobang at 5:48 PM on July 22, 2004

doh !
posted by sgt.serenity at 5:54 PM on July 22, 2004

ay, carumba!
posted by jonmc at 6:01 PM on July 22, 2004

Worst. Interrobang. Ever.

Yeah, I jinxed it; seven minutes after I posted it, psmealey gave us the "Billo Boycott" thread, and six minutes later, xmutex posted "Conversational Cheap Shots", neither of which yet contain a comment with "fuck" in it.

"It was a good day" - Ice Cube.
posted by wendell at 6:40 PM on July 22, 2004

"MetaFilter: It was never funny."
posted by dash_slot- at 6:45 PM on July 22, 2004

Now see what you've done?

If icy were here, I wouldn't have to provide my own punchlines.
posted by gleuschk at 7:23 PM on July 22, 2004

The Simpsons hasn't been funny for eight fucking years! : The Simpsons jumped the shark when Matt decided to do the pilot episode.
posted by mischief at 8:32 PM on July 22, 2004

Matt? Mathowie worked on The Simpsons?

No wait, now I remember. It's a Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt World! (scroll down)
posted by wendell at 9:32 PM on July 22, 2004

But Pepsi Blue is American!

posted by cohappy at 10:27 PM on July 22, 2004

Oops, that slight omission has left me Groeni(n)g. ;-P
posted by mischief at 3:44 AM on July 23, 2004

If icy were here, I wouldn't have to provide my own punchlines.

If icy were here, I'd be getting banned. Again.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 5:27 AM on July 23, 2004

Konolia will always bear the bunnyfire stigma, and it is right that she should do so. Actions and choices have consequences, and we all carry our past with us. But she is also the persona that she has revealed under the konolia nick. It is up to each reader to decide for himself whether the latter provides sufficient reason to forgive the former.

None of which really has much bearing on the validity of her complaint here, which in a nutshell seems to be that Metafilter now bores here and doesn't live up to her standards of what she feels it should be. Others have made the same complaint; yet many others feel quite differently. What bothers me is the implication that her truth must be everyone's truth, that her experience must be everyone's experience, that her reality must be everyones reality, with seemingly no awareness that others might hold equally valid opinions. If one wishes a different Metafilter, certainly one can (and arguably should) try to work to bring it into being, but to simply demand that others present it to you as your due, sweeping all other perspectives aside as irrelevant, strikes me as exceedingly arrogant, and it annoys me.

I applaud your desire for a better Metafilter, konolia, but I question your methods.
posted by rushmc at 7:09 AM on July 23, 2004

How about we exchange catchphrases with Fark for the day?

And if you want to talk about comedy that's passed its sell-by date, look no further than anyone quoting Monty Python.
posted by Jart at 7:17 AM on July 23, 2004

Wrong thread, rushmc, you big boo boo head!
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 7:20 AM on July 23, 2004

I love tabbed browsing but sometimes it just fucks your shit up
posted by matteo at 7:38 AM on July 23, 2004

New pony request: Comments are assigned to threads at random. ;-P
posted by mischief at 9:12 AM on July 23, 2004

Mea culpa! Sorry.
posted by rushmc at 9:31 AM on July 23, 2004

Yeah, I'll be in Minneapolis next weekend. Where are we meeting?
posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:54 AM on July 23, 2004

Dr. John, the last line of your post makes me indescribably sad.
posted by chicobangs at 11:39 AM on July 23, 2004

The real question, of course, is how much did your nefarious masters pay you to post this?
posted by darukaru at 7:29 AM on July 24, 2004

"The intarweb" is no longer funny either.

Cliff Yablonski knows not what he wrought.
posted by dhoyt at 4:56 PM on July 25, 2004

it's no longer funny when they make reference to it on the network news.

Until, then, bitching about jokes is just i-got-here-first-oh-i'm-so-jaded wankery.
posted by Miles Long at 2:16 PM on July 26, 2004

posted by armoured-ant at 8:49 PM on July 28, 2004

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