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Saturday, 8/14/04 6pm-?: Town Hall Brewery, Minneapolis, MN.
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I don't mean to take this over or anything, and if anyone has disagreements, by all means voice them. It was just coming down to the wire, so some of us in #mefi talked it over.

Also, I'd like to note that the 14th is a Saturday. This date was brought up in a previous thread. It still works for everyone, right?
posted by esch at 2:43 PM on August 9, 2004

MeFi Mpls Mtp Wiki. Thx bye.
posted by mrbula at 6:46 PM on August 9, 2004

MeFi Mpls Mtp Wiki. Thx bye.

Which no one seems to be using...
posted by esch at 7:04 PM on August 9, 2004

I've gotta be in that metropolis of fun and decadance: Fargo, North Dakota this weekend.
posted by substrate at 4:29 AM on August 10, 2004

For those not checking out the wiki, it looks like the C.C. Club is edging in as a venue.
posted by Zosia Blue at 2:38 PM on August 10, 2004

Awesome. The only reason we chose town hall is because they have a (super) kick ass patio, and the beer is cheap. Town hall doesn't usually attract a lot of visitors, but as bula pointed out parking tends to be an issue.

I just wanted to get this called early so people could make plans.
posted by esch at 8:12 PM on August 10, 2004

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