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IE6 - opens new links in new window [as it's s'posed to];

Firefox 0.9.1 - doesn't.

I take it that's a FF bug, not a Mefi one?
posted by dash_slot- to Bugs at 11:03 AM (7 comments total)

try going to your customize page in firefox, and saving your preferences.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 11:08 AM on August 23, 2004

you should be middle clicking anyway!
posted by mookieproof at 12:16 PM on August 23, 2004

Tabbed browsing all the way, dude. There's a number of ways to configure how FF opens new URIs--several different tab plug-ins will allow you to force "internal" links to open in the same tab (i.e., links to the same server), but "external" links open in a new tab.
posted by LairBob at 12:24 PM on August 23, 2004

I've noticed that with ff 0.9.1 the links are only sometimes opened in new tabs, other times links open in the same tab. Weird huh?
posted by ashbury at 12:35 PM on August 23, 2004

mathowie: did that before creating this thread. Next I will delete my cookie & re-log in. Basically I want all those tasty NYT links (e.g.) not to take me away from Mefi. I habitually right-click, but it would be nice if my prefs had been saved, like it says they will.

mookie: my old compaq mouse has a mind of it's own anyway. It sometimes decides to scroll at 100mph, going up and down like the Assyrian Empire.

Lairbob: that implies that it's an issue with Firefox, then. Can you recommend a plug-in that works for you: one that opens external links in a new tab.
posted by dash_slot- at 12:37 PM on August 23, 2004

Try Tabbrowser Preferences. Works for me, anyway.
posted by reklaw at 1:25 PM on August 23, 2004

I use TabBrowser Extensions--for some reason, that plug-in is officially unsupported for FF0.9x, but it works fine for me, and it's by far the most robust tab management extension I've found. (As an additional great feature, it lets you set the "locked" feature on a bookmark, so that any time you open something like MeFi using the bookmark, all links automatically open up in new tabs.)

If TBE is more complicated than you'd prefer, I'd recommend the extension that reklaw did. It does what we're talking about here, among other things.

And as a weird aside, I've found the same kind of "disappearing preference" thing happening for me, but for the "Pop-up Blocking" preference. Even though I've added the pref into my "user.js" file, which should force it true every time I launch, it still seems to just turn itself off once every couple of days, and all of a sudden I start getting pop-ups all over the place. (Of course, thanks to AdBlock, they're usually blank. Single best reason to use FireFox.)
posted by LairBob at 2:33 PM on August 23, 2004

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