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Whoa! I dropped "" into amazon to try and find that alexa site ranking thing, and found out the site appears in 14 books.
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there are a couple crappy sounding marketing books listed (I guess to try and drive traffic to your v1agra site through MeFi), there's even a copy/paste job of y6y6y6's comments, but the granddaddy of them all is Save Karyn, which starts on the first few pages.

She quotes extensively from the first thread, where people kind of tore her story to shreds. Go through the search result, then click to "page 1" which puts me on page 339, but then hit the "next page" a couple times to see all the metafilter comments. Hilarious stuff.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 4:51 PM on September 14, 2004

i'm getting an amazon error message.
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"Browser Bug? Attention: There appears to be a bug in the web browser you are currently using."

i get that in IE6 and FF .08 on win2k. strange.
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here's where the save karyn stuff starts.

Oh, and just plop "" into amazon's search to see the results.
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#2 result: "Full Frontal PR: Getting People Talking about You, Your Business, or Your Product "

They're onto us.
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From The Man Who Shocked the World: The Life and Legacy of Stanley Milgram, by Thomas Blass:

1. on Page 276:
"... A posting to the community Web site Metafilter put it this way: "Got my copy of Obedience to Authority right here. The little fire of hatred for humanity it inspires keeps me warm at night. Exaggeration aside, I honestly believe that Milgram's Obedience Experiments ... were not only the most important thing I learned in college, but the most important thing I possibly could have learned. ..." [Note that the ellipses in the middle of NortonDC's quote replace the parenthetical "(capitalization Well Fucking Earned)."]
2. from Back Matter:
"... 268 A posting to ... Metafilter: Dated January 14, 2003, by "NortonDC." ..."

We have citations!
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it's all good, but as Mister Wolf warned:
Well, let's not start suckin' each other's dicks quite yet.
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Is this the thread where we stumble onto the secret to bilking Amazon out of free MetaFilter books?
posted by soyjoy at 9:35 PM on September 14, 2004

Just wait for when I release "Metafilter: Behind the laughter" in the second quarter of next year.
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Metafilter: Behind the Laughter.
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I put in a pretty small mention in a chapter I wrote in a textbook on corporate communication (context setting rather than anything else). Not sure if it showed up in your text search, but they do sell it at Amazon.
posted by bifter at 2:15 AM on September 15, 2004

Just checked, yeah it does! Crikey. Unfortunately I only got one copy of the book, so can't really send a freebie, but I can send you the text if you want it let. Let me know if so. It really isn't a massive mention though.
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Oh yeah, I guess mine was in one of the "crappy sounding marketing books" :-p.

The chapter was on electronic activism, and the metafilter mention was just an example when making the case for treating teh intarweb as a key influencer in reputational issues. It was more about avoiding inappropriate online marcomms, than spamming message boards, of course....

George Monbiot and Nick Nicholls (can't say I agreed with his piece, but loved the phrase: "corporations need to wake up and smell the menacing dogs") also wrote chapters in the same book, so it was a cut above your usual marketing junk I think, even if they did ask me to contribute... ;-)
posted by bifter at 3:35 AM on September 15, 2004

Ah well, I'll take the credit for letting Karyn know she was being shredded to teensy little pieces on the blue. And for being one of the few who defended her ;-)
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Darn. Where Save Karyn quotes my line "She needs to go to church," she fails to note that the word church was linked to an old MSNBC story about a church which paid off all of the congregation's credit card debts.
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Obviously snark subtlety is not one of her strong points.
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from save karyn: "my site was also being discussed on another blog called"

Yup, we in the big leagues now.
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Sounds like Karyn was trying to pad out the word count.
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wow. I feel so close to fame and yet so very, very far. Being a member of metafilter is sort of like having that 1 roommate in college who's sister dated that guy who knew Ringo. So close to something so well known and yet still so very insignificant. I take a perverse comfort in that.
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Metafilter: I take perverse comfort in that.
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Grod: Hey! My college roommate's mother went out with Pete Best. Or maybe lived 'round the corner from him. Or something.
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Pete Best and metafilter, sitting in a tree
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I didn't know how the Internet worked much.

Nor copyright laws, evidently.

I think the best line I ever read on Karyn was in a letter she got and posted on her Web site - "... you seem to go out of your way to be even more annoying than you actually are."
posted by orange swan at 6:01 AM on September 16, 2004

MetaFilter: More annoying than it actually is.
posted by Songdog at 1:20 PM on September 16, 2004

But still less annoying than this from Karyn's "random thought" page of her web site:

Today I cracked open an egg and two whole yolks came out. That's kind of sad, right? It was twins. Chicky twins. I didn't eat it. I felt too bad. Especially because it's April and Easter's right around the corner. I wonder what it would have looked like if I boiled it. If anyone else out there has ever cracked open a two-yolk egg, let me know.

See what I mean?
posted by orange swan at 7:24 PM on September 16, 2004

MetaFilter: The Pete Best of the internet.
posted by milovoo at 4:57 PM on September 19, 2004

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