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Does anyone else feel that there may be a correlation between Metafilter craziness / testiness and the full moon (not to mention the eclipse)? Do any budding statisticians feel like analysing Metatalk posting frequency against lunar phase? Is Miguel a werewolf?
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I saw Miguel Cardoso drinking a piƱa colada at Trader Vic's.

And his hair was perfect.
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Lunar cycles? No.
Menstrual cycles? Probably. ;-P

Oh, wait...
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that was bloody.
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When the moon is bright and malignantly pregnant high above the south australian moors, Jimbob exposes his were-Cardoso (miguelanthrope?) nature ... beware the grey, young mefites :)
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that's amore!
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In case you're thinking of doing a Google Image Search for "hairy men". DON'T.
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My eyes!
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Why is it that when, by popular demand, I finally managed to repress my innate desire to post extravagant quandaries trying to establish the intimate relationship between MetaFilter and The Cosmos, there suddenly appeared a spate of similar Big Questions?

Well, I'm beginning to think quite a few people secretly enjoyed my MeTa posts and so I'm glad to announce full service will be resumed forthwith. ;)
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Oh Miguel, you're such a scallywag.
posted by Meridian at 5:48 AM on October 28, 2004

It's not that we didn't enjoy them - it's just that we enjoyed torturing you more.
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Deserves to be an askme thread instead
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How my last job interview went:
RIP Leisuretown
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It's possible to trace the Bush/Moon relationship back to 1976 and chronicle developments between them including Bush's multiple speaking engagements at UC events over the last year. There is a $3.5 million grant from the UC affiliate Women's Federation for World Peace to "Mr. [Jerry] Falwell's people" at Christian Heritage Foundation. And notes that Falwell has also been speaking globally in UC-sponsored events. Perhaps we should question the biographical history of Moon and his church. Or review the bizarre story of Nansook Moon, ex-wife of Moon's son and one-time heir apparent, Hyo Jin. Also, the story of one mother's trial to see her son out of the UC, a lengthy expose overall, in IF Magazine, Sep/Oct '97.

See also - "Bush Helps Rev. Moon Spread the News in Latin America" -- reports that his November trip to Buenos Aires was the third time former President George Bush has spoken at Moon-related conferences -- From Apologia Report -- Volume 2: Number 5 -- March 10, 1997

Often overlooked is just how Civics Class-centric the grotesque visions of Rev. Moon are. When the Washington Times publisher talks about his paper enforcing the "constitution of heaven," he means: instead of the U.S. Constitution. "Who will draw up the Constitution of Heaven? Are you going to do it?" he mused in a really twisted speech from 1986, describing a scenario in which the country that sent him to Danbury Federal Prison would be made to feel sorry.

What kind of Constitution are we looking at? Ex-Moonie leader Steve Hassan claims Moon told him they'd amend the U.S. Constitution to enforce sexual purity on penalty of death. For now, he settles for funding Brent Bozell.

It's bad enough that these nutcases are spreading their diseased cults all over the world. But it's a real shame for former President Bush to dishonor America by selling you to the Reverned Sun Myung Moon for a mere $100,000. By praising Moon George Bush is contributing the the personal destruction of tens of thousands of lives aroung the world.

Bush owes Moon big time. Moon funneled millions of dollars into Bush's 1988 election. Had it not been for Moon, Bush would never have been president. Bush was supposed to pardon Moon so as to erase his felony conviction but never did. And Moon didn't support Bush in 1992 the way he did in 1988.

The South Korean evangelist Sun Myung Moon launched a new Spanish-language newspaper for the whole of Latin America in 1996, with the backing of guest George Bush who praised Moon's respect for editorial independence. Bush then travelled with Moon to neighboring Uruguay Sunday to help him inaugurate a seminary in the capital Montevideo to train 4,200 young Japanese women to spread the word of his Church of Unification across Latin America.

What the Moonies say about Bush:
"What about America? Father was instrumental in the election of Ronald Reagan. The Americans don't need a bush, they need a trunk. They need someone who can push Bush into becoming a trunk!"
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Thanks for posting this. There was that eclipse too. Seriously, I've been freakin' insane all week, alternating between depression and raging crankiness and this just plain spacey, cotton-headed loopiness (loup-iness?) I had thought it was the seasonal weather-change combined with work-stress and some pulled back muscles.

I'm usually a much more even, totally mellow form of bugfuck.

Oddly, my cats have been totally sane, if a little bouncy this week. Usually they're the ones who do the full-moon flip out.

Shouldn't WolfDaddy check in here too?
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Dude, there's fucking election next week. what do you expect?
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Yes, no, yes.
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I think its got less to do with the moon and more to do with the moonbat crazy bastard who's supposedly running the country.

My dog has been amped lately. She had a sleepover pal last night and they played until at least 4 this morning, out in the moonlight.
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The contents of this thread confirm that my question was entirely justified. Thankyou, come again.
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My wife used to work on a customer care line. Apparently on the full moon days all the customers would be complete raving lunatics. There could be something in it....
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I totally forgot it was a full moon, and an eclipse to boot.

My neighborhood had a running gun battle of some sort that night. Granted, I live like a mile from Crenshaw in LA, but running gun battles in the streets are not a common occurance here, no matter what the COPS show and various movies would have you believe. It's generally pretty quiet here, except for all the damn cars.
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