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LA Meet up!

Given the, er, considerable interest in the last Los Angeles meetup, we've decided to throw a post-Thanksgiving burger bash.

Eyeglasses encouraged.

Friday, November 26, 6 pm, at Irv's Burgers in West Hollywood , followed by cocktails at ">The Coronet Pub.

Hope to see you there - for more details, email's in the profile.
posted by Space Kitty to MetaFilter Gatherings at 5:49 PM (30 comments total)

Very tempting. Unfortunately, I enjoy Thanksgiving with my family (yes, both Thursday and Friday). Also, being a n00b, I'm not sure I'd be welcome.

Anyway, have a great time!
posted by Colloquial Collision at 6:02 PM on November 24, 2004

Puh-leeze, CC! N00bz, lurkers and OtherFilterers are always welcome when Wendell's buying a round of curly fries at Irv's.
I have no idea if Irv's has curly fries...
However, I will be bringing my newbie paddle, and you will be whacked your user number...
posted by wendell at 6:13 PM on November 24, 2004

Who is this "we" you speak of, hmmmm?

Actually I was thinking of announcing an LA meetup before the end of the year. I don't know if I'll be able to make it Friday, but I'll try.

Email's in me profile.
posted by eyeballkid at 6:49 PM on November 24, 2004

Hey! That's not just the day after Thanksgiving, that's the day before my birthday! And I'm in Los Angeles, and I'm a member of Metafilter. This is such a jonsoncentric event - why I'd be a fool NOT to attend, dammit!!!
posted by jonson at 6:50 PM on November 24, 2004

Does Irv's or The Coronet serve cake? If so, do they allow shoving the face of the b-day jonson into the cake?
posted by wendell at 6:56 PM on November 24, 2004

Fear not. I bring my own cake wherever I go!
posted by jonson at 7:06 PM on November 24, 2004

that would be the 'royal we'. Hope to see ya eyeball! (wow, I've been saving that one up for awhile...)
posted by Space Kitty at 7:13 PM on November 24, 2004

For future LA meetups - I have plans on Friday, unfortunately - I'd like a meetup somewhere where there's easy access to public transport and/or better parking. Hollywood/West LA is pretty much gridlocked 24/7. Especially Hollywood, and especially around where The Coronet is.

We should also do more advanced notice. I'm not opposed to pubs/bars, but what about a nice park? Or a museum? If we had enough advanced notice we could probably get a bunch of SoCal folks together for some unusual shenanigans or a field trip or something. GeoCaching? Scavenger hunt? Potluck picnic? Make it interesting enough and people might even travel from out of the area just to attend.
posted by loquacious at 8:13 PM on November 24, 2004

Err, I just came back to reread this and it's not meant to be snarky parade-rainy or anything, if it came across like that.
posted by loquacious at 10:36 PM on November 24, 2004

I'll try to be there, but I'm actually feasting on the turkey a day late with friends out in the marvelous Inland Empire (and yes, apparently, it is a real empire, with colonies and everything) on Friday, then meeting up with some other friends to see X at House of Blues later Friday night... so I hope to see you there, and would definitely second another meetup down the road.
For what it's worth, I'm having jaw surgery at the end of December, so probably won't even be physically able to drink beer in public without drooling it all down my chest for at least a couple of months after that... so be forewarned, fellow Angelenos!
posted by scody at 11:16 PM on November 24, 2004

Hey jonson -- don't be bogarting all the birthday magic. I'm in LA, and my birthday is actually today (well, for another 20 minutes anyway).

Not sure I can make it Friday though.
posted by willnot at 11:43 PM on November 24, 2004

I'm trying to talk myself into coming. But Friday isn't the best day for me to drive up there. I'll email tomorrow once I figure things out.
posted by y6y6y6 at 7:29 AM on November 25, 2004

All right, if it's not Friday, someone propose an alternative date, and preferably before scody starts drooling. And happy birthday, willnot!
posted by jonson at 8:51 AM on November 25, 2004

Can't come. Visiting family in Florida for Thanksgiving, not back until Sunday. Poop.

Alternate dates will be embraced like a Vegas stripper.
posted by Asparagirl at 9:36 AM on November 25, 2004

Modest proposal:
How many more attendees can we attract by postponing it a few hours to Saturday (or jonsonday)? Please specify if Afternoon or Evening is preferable...
posted by wendell at 9:37 AM on November 25, 2004

This Saturday is up in the air for me, as it's Nephew #2's birthday get-together at some point (he's only 2, so we're a little casual about it), but I could give it a try if it works for lots of other folks.

Alternatively, next Saturday evening (the 4th) is probably good, as it's Nephew #1's birthday party during the day (he's 5, so it's all planned!) and so the evening's probably free. The following Saturday (the 11th) is impossible for me, the 18th is probably cutting it close to Xmas craziness, and then we're smack-dab in the middle of the holidaze (and, for me, drooling).

Speaking of holidays, I have to hit the road in ten minutes, so happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
posted by scody at 10:11 AM on November 25, 2004

Weekends are better for BatgrlHG and I.
posted by y6y6y6 at 10:39 AM on November 25, 2004

Can't do Saturday or Sunday, as jonsonday festivities are a 48 hour lovefest participated in by a number of people, none of whom (coincidentally) have ever had their foibles cataloged on a web page by me. Not that you kids shouldn't have it anyway, but if I'm in, it'll need to be next Saturday, the 4th, or Sunday the 5th?
posted by jonson at 2:27 PM on November 25, 2004

Damn. This Friday and Saturday are both really not good for me for such things.
posted by DyRE at 3:20 PM on November 25, 2004

My associates need me in LA for a big client, so i'll swing by.
posted by angry modem at 11:02 PM on November 25, 2004

Drink a large drink or 9 for me, won't you?
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 11:04 PM on November 25, 2004

Saturday is USC v. Notre Dame! Blasphemy! A full day of preparation and partying must ensue.

What? No sports fans? Alright, carry on then...
posted by rooftop secrets at 12:00 AM on November 26, 2004

This glasses-wearing n00b must entertain parents on Friday. I'm up for it most any other time, though. Say hi to the charming Croatian barkeep at the Coronet for me....
posted by crythecry at 8:57 AM on November 26, 2004

Not gonna make it this time.
posted by y6y6y6 at 12:11 PM on November 26, 2004

Sadly me neither - doesn't look like the time is right for too many people out there.
posted by jonson at 3:55 PM on November 26, 2004

Nor I, alas.
posted by calwatch at 4:57 PM on November 26, 2004

It's unfortunate no one could shift themselves to attend the LA meetup. A fabulous time was had by all - we had squidranch, mandyman, sexy robot and space kitty. Much alcohol was consumed, shirts were removed, and much burger goodness was had.

Next time ya'll want to be there!
posted by Space Kitty at 10:55 PM on November 26, 2004

What? No sports fans? Alright, carry on then...

Oh, we have sports fans rooftop.
posted by Ufez Jones at 8:29 AM on November 27, 2004

What I think is funny, is that Space Kitty and I were shouted at by an angry transvestite when we took off our shirts.

"Hey, this isn't Marti Gras here"

I'll say this much for us monkeys. We DO know how to party.
posted by ranchocalamari at 4:08 PM on November 27, 2004

What I think is funny, is that Space Kitty and I were shouted at by an angry transvestite when we took off our shirts.

Wait... what?
posted by kenko at 8:14 PM on November 27, 2004

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