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User Numero Uno gets a shoutout from Gary Becker, a Nobel laureate in economics, and Richard Posner, a prolific author and influential federal judge. I just wanted to say thanks to Matt for assisting these two true intellectual heavyweights in getting online. Although the original test posts have now been deleted, you know you have groupies when your "Hello world" posts get 25 trackbacks.
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And it's all under a Creative Commons license!
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And while I'm writing this, PV beats me to it. Oh, well.
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Um, I only see three trackbacks.
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The original test post, now deleted, had 25 trackbacks last time I checked.
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You know what's funny? Lessig asked me to help setup the blog, and I knew who Posner was, but figured the Becker guy was "some old man, probably a colleague" as I told a friend.

Verdict? I'm a dumbass.
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(i'd not heard of him either). this looks good (looks pretty good and seems like a very good idea). thanks.
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Verdict? I'm a dumbass.

With solid CSS chops and friends in high places. It looks great, Matt.
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With solid CSS chops and friends in high places.

And, apparently, the multitasking ability of Martha Stewart on reds. Amazing, Matt. Congratulations.
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Law and Economics and CSS. Yum!
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Hey, hey, hey! You make ponies for us. What are the boffins doing looking all smug, dressed up in jodphurs with the whips an all?

Get cracking on that system where we can automatically keep track of Jrun errors in AskMe on days when Quonsar has posted twice and have the figures displayed on our profile pages for logged in users only, if you would.
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