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What are the boundaries of acceptable behavior for MetaFilter?
posted by NortonDC to Etiquette/Policy at 5:57 PM (20 comments total)

I've emailed Spanktacular about this. It's certainly unacceptable, it kills conversations entirely and creates a hostile environment.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 6:00 PM on August 29, 2001

Recently? Some of these are from today.
posted by NortonDC at 6:06 PM on August 29, 2001

Then again, maybe it's just me:

Lick me, Fucko.

Well, at least his first day as a member is off to a rousing start.
posted by NortonDC at 7:21 PM on August 29, 2001

it seems like many of the more crudely offensive postings are fairly recent (like, from post 900+); weird, eh? i suppose, though, that as the community grows, this sort of thing becomes more frequent as a matter of course. what can you do?
posted by moz at 7:43 PM on August 29, 2001

I emailed spanktacular earlier today, no response yet.

I just banned Mr. Fucko for that comment above, thanks for pointing it out.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 8:05 PM on August 29, 2001

oops, missed a 0 -- should be 9000
posted by moz at 9:36 PM on August 29, 2001


With all due respect to what you have done here.......
there is a great set of heads here with some seriously good brain power.

However, I ask: when are your going to actually start moderating this board? Just kicking people off or emailing them is not a solution. Maybe MeFiPro has a solution built into it, being a pay-for service. But frankly, I don't see it fixing the problem of mean spirited postings and the trouble created.

Yes, (and no offense intended) it is your party and you can cry if you want to. Its your call and it is your house. However, I think that there is quite a bit of room for improvement on both sides of the coin - from "trolls" to seasoned veterans. What might make this work is real moderation of discussions.

I have seen a few posts about appointing users moderation priveledges. This is a good idea if one understands that moderation is about encouraging discourse not just stifling idiots.

And yes, you did the right thing with Mr. Fucko.

And yes, mefi is really cool. I just wish it would grow beyond the intellectual flame war that it has become (for the most part).

posted by tp3wen at 6:43 AM on August 30, 2001

ps - please don't take offense to the above post, Matt. Regardless of the state of current affairs, I do believe that you have created something really special here.
posted by tp3wen at 6:52 AM on August 30, 2001

However, I ask: when are your going to actually start moderating this board?

The day before he loses the will to live.
posted by rcade at 7:34 AM on August 30, 2001

I don't think people should dismiss Spanktacular as a troll, because he has contributed here for a while and isn't normally that abusive. However, he should probably curb his enthusiasm for personal insults, since his real name takes all of 10 minutes to find.

His Classmates.Com bio: "Hell, I had no idea what to do after graduation. I moved to Jacksonville, Florida with my family after graduation and then I just started bumping around. I've taught myself a few things and I've been a professional webmaster. Now, I'm a Novell LAN Admin and I hate all my users with a raw passion. ;}"
posted by rcade at 8:00 AM on August 30, 2001

I am not sure what you mean. But let me offer this - Poor choice of words on my part. I could have phrased that differently.

I really do not want to become all that I despise on MF.
posted by tp3wen at 8:33 AM on August 30, 2001

To me, the question about Spanktacular was not if he was a troll, but rather if his behavior was acceptable. I suspect there are lots of ways to behave unacceptably apart from trolling (first post, personal abuse, that "front page post a day on the same topic" routine, etc.).
posted by NortonDC at 8:51 AM on August 30, 2001

Heh. I just noticed this rejoinder to a comment of mine: "I'm on a personal mission to get thrown off as many blogs and boards as humanly possible, so please leave me to my work ...."

Did he get his wish? ;-)
posted by Avogadro at 9:45 AM on August 30, 2001

probably so. such is life.

posted by tp3wen at 1:34 PM on August 30, 2001

*sigh* I fear Norton is right; I've seen more abusive profanity-laden postings since the Summer Break.

I do like "Lick me, Fucko" as sort of a tag line, though....

" conclusion, let me just say 'lick me, fucko!' Thank you and good night!"

(Man, I really should not come in here after I've had some alcohol)

Someone in another thread cited 10,000 users as a tipping point, and I think they're right. We've tipped.
posted by briank at 6:14 PM on August 30, 2001

'lick me, fucko!' Thank you and good night!"

hmmmm....I do believe that this a line I should remember.

posted by tp3wen at 12:39 AM on August 31, 2001

-->> Lick me, Fucko <<--

hmmm....would he? And if he did, would I like it? Enquiring minds want to know.

posted by tp3wen at 8:40 AM on August 31, 2001

"Lick Me, Fucko"

· The lost Beach Boys song, sung to the tune of "Help Me, Rhonda"

· One of the most offensive "Stupid Pet Tricks" ever filmed for Late Night with David Letterman.

· Unsuccessful children's board game in the late 70s, sued for copyright infringement by Mr Mouth
posted by Kafkaesque at 9:16 AM on August 31, 2001

I think this is probably linked to the "tipping point" of 10,000+ users...but also keep in mind that this has also been move-in week for college campuses across the US (inadvertently stressing people outside of campuses as well), which might have had some part. Hopefully it'll settle down and we will once again continue to sip our tea while insulting others in a more civilized manner :) (kidding!)
posted by samsara at 10:19 AM on August 31, 2001

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