Something changed in the past day with the front page formatting. December 28, 2004 6:42 AM   Subscribe

Something changed in the past day with the front page formatting. The right hand column now seems to shove everything past the first few lines downwards...but only when you're logged in. I've tried it in both Firefox and IE.
posted by RockCorpse to Bugs at 6:42 AM (6 comments total)

No such problem here on OS X. Those situation where everything wraps down to the bottom usually occur when something is too wide for the table or container, but the mixtape ad is just full width (164px) with no border. It seems OK. Make your window a little wider. Does the problem go away?
posted by planetkyoto at 6:56 AM on December 28, 2004

Whoa...that's interesting. There's a certain threshold (say, around 750px) that it does this. Both widening and shrinking the window makes this problem disappear.

Some whacky CSS thing, it seems.

I take back the "only when you're logged in. It was just the logged in message that was changing the formatting of the page.
posted by RockCorpse at 7:20 AM on December 28, 2004

I get the same problem if I shrink my window to the point where someone's byline is wider than the container. This happens particularly when there are posts by members with long user names. If you shrink the window far enough, the byline wraps at the edge of the window. In other words, the byline does not wrap when it hits the sidebar, but it does when it hits the right edge of the page.
posted by monju_bosatsu at 7:30 AM on December 28, 2004

Does this or this sound like your problem?
posted by Plutor at 7:38 AM on December 28, 2004

Plutor, yup, that's the one...sorry, I did a search before I posted using and didn't find anything. Obviously the wrong search terms.
posted by RockCorpse at 8:23 AM on December 28, 2004

Totally understandable. The only reason I could find them is that I knew for a fact that I had heard about it before. I just searched for "Firefox" and scrolled through the results until I found them.
posted by Plutor at 9:52 AM on December 28, 2004

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