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Self-link, don'tcha think?
posted by squirrel to Etiquette/Policy at 10:32 PM (17 comments total)

If it's helpful, if it makes the people who find out about it happy, then what's the big deal? It's not like he linked to his blog where he talked about the new socks he bought today and omg life is sux man my parentalss r so dum lol
posted by Savvas at 10:47 PM on February 6, 2005

The person who owns is Duncan MacGregor, the sarge's name is Steve. He might be working there, but does that make it something he created or was involved in the creation of?
posted by dabitch at 10:52 PM on February 6, 2005

I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one myself. It's a solid FPP on its own, the subject matter is very on-target for Metafilter, and I don't see any potential personal gain at hand. Disclosure was warranted at the beginning, but mistakes are made, and this one was relatively harmless.
posted by Saydur at 10:56 PM on February 6, 2005

I'm under the impression that sarge is volunteering, since the site says that the workers are volunteers... So, extrapolating here for the sake of trying clarify the situation... I am thinking that it's more of a situation like, say, someone who volunteers for Amnesty International to pointing out an AI fundraiser, which seems perfectly okay. (This, plus the fact that it meets the other criteria for a post, as Saydur points out.)
posted by taz at 11:49 PM on February 6, 2005

aargh. errors. just pretend it all makes sense, please?
posted by taz at 11:51 PM on February 6, 2005

Hm. It's not clear to me that The Forest is the Seargent's project. He's going to be there doing something, but did he found it? It's murky territory, having people publicize organizations they're involved with. On the one hand, that can get out of hand just as easily as linking to one's own web projects. We're all involved in this and that, and not all of it makes good posts. The fact that this one does doesn't necessarily excuse it. But, on the other hand, if the Sgt. has learned of something cool in his area and decided to share it with us, I don't necessarily think we need to penalize him or his post because he's also going and getting involved with it.

It's a grey area, so I think you brought it to the right place, squirrel.
posted by scarabic at 2:23 AM on February 7, 2005

someone who volunteers for Amnesty International to pointing out an AI fundraiser

Incidentally, I don't think that would be okay, really. Who would care outside the area where the fundraiser takes place? I help organize an annual film festival out here, but I don't post it as an FPP, just for free publicity. Seems like the mitigating factor in this post is that the concept of the creative space as a phenomenon, itself, is weird, interesting, discussable, whether you live nearby or not.

But let's not turn this into a corkboard thick with announcements for community events we're involved in.
posted by scarabic at 2:26 AM on February 7, 2005

Yes, exactly, scarabic — I should have clarified that.
posted by taz at 2:50 AM on February 7, 2005

That's my take, too, scarabic. Well said.
posted by squirrel at 2:51 AM on February 7, 2005

< ignore />
posted by sgt.serenity at 9:22 AM on February 7, 2005

I didn't mention it in the thread, but I think I saw Sarge link to it in his profile in the URL field. I do know for sure that someone's profile link(s/ed) to it.
posted by Gyan at 3:38 PM on February 7, 2005

hmm yes ...this investigation is fascinating ........i wonder how long it will be before i'm found out as the evil genius behind this attempt to utterly destroy metafilter......thank god we have people like the ever vigilant squirrel patrolling this site on our behalf ....we salute you squirrel and we thank you for your help in making metafilter the great site it is today.
posted by sgt.serenity at 5:02 PM on February 7, 2005

Sarge - you're ahead. Quit?
posted by dash_slot- at 5:12 PM on February 7, 2005

And they're off...
posted by LouReedsSon at 9:51 PM on February 7, 2005

just wanted to round it off with a flying bellyflop.
posted by sgt.serenity at 5:20 AM on February 8, 2005

It's funny how quickly someone can lose the sympathy of a community by not keeping their mouth shut.
posted by soyjoy at 8:30 AM on February 8, 2005

i can stick up for myself mate , thanks for the conditional sympathy though.
posted by sgt.serenity at 2:10 PM on February 8, 2005

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