I'm only logged in some some pages. September 11, 2001 7:08 PM   Subscribe

Haven't been shown as logged in on the front page today, but once I get into the topic discussion area, I do show up as logged in. Anyone else getting this?
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Guessing it's due to the way the front page is set up at the moment. This from the top of the front: This main page is currently being rendered as a static page, every five minutes to ease the server load. Each thread is still live from the db, and if you're logged in, you'll be able to comment. Thanks for bearing with the site.

posted by gleuschk at 7:22 PM on September 11, 2001

oh yeah....
posted by Hackworth at 7:26 PM on September 11, 2001

I wonder if this is the same problem I'm having. Any time I close Metafilter in the last week (but not the browser), when I return, I am logged out. I watch cookies, so I know that they are being served, but perhaps not recognized.

Is this the same problem? I'll do some more experimentation.

The problem, of course, is that if I'm logged in, I expect to see Mefi in the recent comments mode that I use so often instead of the by-date view. If the front page doesn't recognize me (by cookie) as being logged in, this just don't happen.

posted by fooljay at 1:45 PM on September 15, 2001

Okay, it looks like it's the same problem (front page being static). So I guess I'll just deal with the by-date view for the time being. Thanks for reading. Any other questions? :-)
posted by fooljay at 1:47 PM on September 15, 2001

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