Can anyone help me find a not-quite-so-recent (last six months) AskMe post? March 2, 2005 8:26 PM   Subscribe

Can anyone help me find a not-quite-so-recent (last six months) AskMe post? It was about someone who suddenly found himself or herself making good money in a steady job and he or she wanted some kind of advice. If I recall, the question actually mentioned the ballpark salary. I'm beginning to think I imagined it -- I've been searching for an hour (job, career, salary, money, making, bringing) and can't seem to find it.
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Not quite -- that's the right idea, though.
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That's the one -- thanks caitlinb!
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While we're at it, I was able to find taz's cool post about the Margaret Keene-inspired Mark Ryden, but I seem to remember another post, maybe in AskMe, about the wave of big-eyed-kids-paintings from the '60s and '70s that are sometimes found at garage sales, some collectors items, some not so much. I can't find this post.

Sorry to piggyback on ontic's post here, but it seems only efficient to do so, and ontic's question has already been answered.

Maybe this thread is a good place to get our "I can't find this post" questions out of our systems, thus sparing AskMe some individual threads?
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Shane, I've been trying to locate an askme thread with no success and have a similar barrier to asking - posting to ask me to find an ask me thread? Nah.

As such: a further piggyback. The thread I was looking for dealt with os x and a mysterious sound that would play in the background every so often. I think it ended up being mail related. I've searched and searched. Any help locating this thread would be much appreciated.
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If it doesn't catch on here, maybe we should just consider having periodic MeTa "What current posts are you looking for but can't find?" threads.

Occasionally, of course, we need a MeTa post in which we can all ask about AskMe post resolutions, too, like "Did she get all the glass out of her underwear?"

Is this a plan? Pros/cons? Does the question of pros/cons of this plan need ITS OWN MeTa post?

Is this getting all corporate/committee/Dilbert/Peter Principle?

Call in the consultants...
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Shane, you're looking for this.
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Thanks, googly. You're well-(Google-y)-named. I'd swear there was another post (maybe it was on MeFi?) about the general fad of big-eyed paintings too, though, but maybe not. Evidently Margaret Keene spawned a horde of imitators, as well as the '70s short lived Blythe dolls (that were too creepy for kids but are now collector's items) that have lately been resurrected as Takara "Neo-Blythes."
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You're most welcome, Shane. Its not the reason for my name, but I do seem to have some weirdly useful google-fu. And, as soyjoy pointed out, it does seem to be a bit of a habit for me.
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Wait, maybe it's a post on the curse of the crying-eyed boy paintings I'm looking for! I think some of those paintings were big-eyed too.
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