could this be converted to a "more inside" post w/ a spoiler warning? April 8, 2005 9:17 AM   Subscribe

Just a tiny request-- could this be converted to a "more inside" post w/ a spoiler warning? It seems like the best thing to do. This is no callout, an honest mistake, but it'd be nice to fix it quick...
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What bothers me is that Cosine doesn't seem interested in finding an answer to the question; he's just using AskMe as a way to vent his anger at a movie he failed to enjoy.
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The wind is right; the stars are in alignment; it's finally time to unveil my AskMe masterpiece:

Rosebud was a sled? A fucking sled? Are you kidding me?! [no more inside]
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That thread just ain't no good, no way.

Cortex, that's charming.
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I don't know, it might be a kosher question. It doesn't seem to me that griping about a movie is exactly out of line, and it is interesting to think about what other movies/plays do that.

Also, I can't stand David Mamet either. So that might be coloring my judgement. Be that as it may, this should've had a spoiler warning... but it looks like it'll be off the front of the page soon enough anyhow.
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...ech, I hadn't read the conversation. Now that I see what's gone on there, I see that the question, while it could have been honest and innocent, isn't. That's turning into a train wreck, and it's certainly not askme material anymore.

Here's a chance to use that handy "flag" feature.
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