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Trying to find a copy of the video of the insecure/incompetent (student) weatherman from this thread. It's dead (and I searched thru many pages of compfused). Anyone got a copy/link?
posted by dobbs to MetaFilter-Related at 8:23 AM (13 comments total)

Is this it?

Up the same alley), and still funny (insecure/ incompetent (student) sports caster)

posted by Quartermass at 9:10 AM on May 30, 2005

You can see part of it about a third of the way through this "news" piece, if it's the same bad weatherman.
posted by jessamyn at 9:13 AM on May 30, 2005

I think dobbs is referring to Mark Mathis.
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 9:36 AM on May 30, 2005

Quartermass nailed it w/ ebaums. Thanks!

Sucks for me that it's SWF. Arrgh. Need to get it onto a dvd for a party.
posted by dobbs at 10:38 AM on May 30, 2005

Jessamyn, yeah, same guy. Never seen rocketboom before. Weird.
posted by dobbs at 10:51 AM on May 30, 2005

I couldn't even get all the way through that.
posted by interrobang at 12:03 PM on May 30, 2005

Oh, dude. I missed that thread. I almost cried for him.
posted by elwoodwiles at 12:26 PM on May 30, 2005

Oh. My. God. I just saw the Mark Mathis thing. And that's all I can say.
posted by elwoodwiles at 2:00 PM on May 30, 2005

Oh, god, that was painful.
posted by Bugbread at 3:24 PM on May 30, 2005

That is one of the most painfully funny things ever. Wonder what happened to the guy.
posted by cmonkey at 3:44 PM on May 30, 2005

Mark had a bit of an alcohol problem, and is (to my knowledge) no longer doing the weather. Which is a damned shame, if you ask me.
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 6:30 PM on May 30, 2005

I really like interjecting "And boom goes the dynamite!" into everyday conversations. Every now and then somebody knows what I'm talking about.
posted by PhatLobley at 11:38 PM on May 30, 2005

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