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Site Update #1, 2020

Hello Metafilter! Welcome to the first of many regularly-scheduled updates on the state of the site. Comments will be turned off for these, as they’ll cover far too many topics for an unthreaded conversation to manage, but we’re happy to hear from you via the Contact Form. If you want to discuss a particular subject with the community, you’re welcome to open a separate MetaTalk thread for it.
posted by restless_nomad at 11:39 AM Jul 31 2020 - 0 comments [52 favorites]

Can we have just *one* thread without cis nonsense?

This is that thread. The trans thread. If you're cisgender, go ahead and sit this one out instead of fucking it up for us again.
posted by this one sparks joy at 8:56 AM Jul 29 2020 - 64 comments [26 favorites]

R_N returns, MetaTalk process changes

Hi. I'm back.

I'm not gonna be modding. I'm going to be handling the administrative work behind the scenes, managing policy discussions, and processing user feedback. For those of you who don't know or remember, this is my professional background - I've done community management for companies large and small, and I'm excited to be putting those skills to use more directly than I did when I was concentrating on moderation.
posted by restless_nomad at 9:03 AM Jul 23 2020 - 138 comments [138 favorites (12 in the last 7 days)]

Community Guidelines 2.0

I wanted to let you all know that we have updated our Community Guidelines, you can check them here:
posted by loup at 1:02 PM Jul 27 2020 - 38 comments [20 favorites (7 in the last 7 days)]

MeFi Mag revisited

Let's travel back to the spring of 2011, where several Mefites had the idea of starting a Metafilter magazine.
posted by Brandon Blatcher at 3:28 PM Jul 23 2020 - 30 comments [34 favorites (6 in the last 7 days)]

How should the issue of non-racial slurs be discussed?

The thread on “Racial slurs that should never be written,” was focused on racial slurs. Several people brought up other types of slurs, but they were told that that thread was not the place to address those slurs. This is the thread to discuss where to address those slurs.
posted by NotLost at 6:48 AM Jul 27 2020 - 195 comments [9 favorites (6 in the last 7 days)]

Anybody dug into the Racial Justice & Inequality Bundle?

It’s been more than a month since simmering octagon posted about’s Bundle for Racial Justice and Inequality. It seemed like a number of folks were considering picking up the bundle. I’m curious if anyone has had a chance to dig in and find some interesting gems.
posted by Going To Maine at 7:50 AM Jul 20 2020 - 43 comments [41 favorites (3 in the last 7 days)]

Thank you, byanyothername.

Thank you, byanyothername.
posted by yeoz at 5:45 AM Jun 24 2013 - 32 comments [84 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Please don't use Unicode to make fancy fonts in posts

I've noticed more and more posts that make use of Unicode characters to simulate fancy fonts in FPPs. This breaks screen readers, often in very annoying ways. For example, “𝒎” is read out by my screen reader as "mathematical bold italic small m". So whole words or sentences of this makes a post impossible to understand. Please avoid.
posted by Space Coyote at 8:08 AM May 19 2020 - 39 comments [68 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Let's start a Mefi BIPOC advisory board

Hi all, I want to thank you for your patience. After some conversation with staff, I’m going to take the lead on initiating some things that I am hopeful will change the way we handle things on the site.

*I am encouraging this thread to remain a space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color only.*

I’d like to hear from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color about their feelings on creating a community advisory board consisting of 5-10 rotating voluntary members. Our first meeting could consist of drafting community agreements to follow for meetings, creating an agenda with topics to cover, and ending the meeting with a summary of agreed-upon action items. I’m 100% open to suggestions and specificities around the structure of these meetings.

I’m imagining the advisory board as an intentional space and tool for addressing the ongoing concerns of the site. It'll be a space for solutions and changes to be implemented with a transparent and community-focused structure. You all deserve the space to have conversations with each other and with mod staff that produces tangible and sustainable results.

posted by travelingthyme at 10:33 AM Jun 25 2020 - 54 comments [42 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Better approaches to posts about trans people and transphobia

We need to talk about how trans issues are handled on MetaFilter.
posted by xchmp at 11:09 AM Jul 10 2020 - 438 comments [41 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Twitter harassment from Mefi Outsider & Go Mefi

There are at least 2 prolific Twitter accounts that have been actively harassing Mefites (including myself): Mefi Outsider and Go Mefi. It's high time we actually talk about them.
posted by divabat at 6:33 PM Jul 12 2020 - 650 comments [32 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Music Swap 2020 | now in beta!

The first version of the digital-only music swap 2020 is up for comments / testing.
posted by signal at 4:00 PM Jun 28 2020 - 57 comments [17 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Because November is a ridiculous time to schedule anything

MeFiWriMo! As discussed in this year's NaNo thread, let's do a Metafilter Novel Writing Month from January 15th to February 15th - the deadest time of the year, and so a good one to have a nice concrete goal to work on.
posted by restless_nomad at 10:13 AM Jan 10 2013 - 96 comments [15 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

How to help people with computers post

A few years ago I came across a comment in this site which talked about how to teach people how to solve their computer issues compassionately.
posted by eleanna at 9:43 PM Jul 6 2020 - 7 comments [12 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Tasty and/or lovely things

Recently I discovered a recipe for so-called one-ingredient watermelon sorbet. It's basically frozen, seeded watermelon chunks that you freeze, then break up in a blender, then refreeze. It was unexpectedly tasty. Also, on a podcast today I heard Colin Hay and his song "Come Tumblin' Down" for the first time, which was fun. What tasty and/or lovely things are helping you cope during these sad, hard times?
posted by Bella Donna at 12:26 PM Jul 17 2020 - 69 comments [8 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Metatalktail Hour: Who is New In Your Life?

I can't speak for other people, but I miss seeing some of the people I usually see. At the same time I've been seeing some new people, either because they're on my same-y walk route, they're in a place that I am in, maybe they're doing an online thing that I've attended, or maybe they're just a new author or poet or actor or performer or activist that I've discovered. They may not be a person at all, maybe a pet or a plant our an outside animal you've been glimpsing during time at home. Who is new with you?
posted by jessamyn at 2:10 PM Jul 18 2020 - 103 comments [6 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Fucking Fucks have Fucks: the Fuckening

There's a lot of awfulness going around. Let it all out here.
posted by daybeforetheday at 8:28 PM Jul 6 2020 - 86 comments [2 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

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