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Ten years of thanks.

It's been ten years to the day since my wife passed suddenly and unexpectedly.
posted by mrbill at 1:44 AM Jun 16 2019 - 40 comments [35 favorites]

Hearing from our members of color

In this recent MeTa, the community discussed the ways in which Metafilter does not serve people of color well. So this post is a space for discussion, dedicated for people of color. If you identify as a person of color, and you have suggestions, complaints, or just thoughts about the site, please share them here!
posted by restless_nomad at 11:39 AM Jun 6 2019 - 350 comments [131 favorites (17 in the last 7 days)]

so after 10 years we forgot our anniversary?

i just wanted to say happy 10th anniversary to my spices.
posted by chasles at 11:22 AM Jun 18 2019 - 77 comments [8 favorites]

Pony: Option to hide "Favorited by Others" on profile?

I am trying to cut social-media-style dopamine hits out of my life as much as I can, and I have noticed myself checking in more than I'd prefer on my "Favorited by Others" count, and clicking through to see what comments I've made that are getting lots of favorites. I'd rather not do this, but it's a longstanding habit at this point, and it's been surprisingly difficult to kick it. Would it be possible to add a preference to hide the count and link?
posted by potrzebie at 10:31 PM Jun 12 2019 - 52 comments [6 favorites]

Metatalktail Hour: Underground!

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, jessamyn wants to know "What is underground where you are?"
posted by Eyebrows McGee at 3:25 PM Jun 15 2019 - 129 comments [5 favorites]

We need to have a discussion about racism.

The cultural appropriation thread here went very, very poorly, and I think it highlights a pattern in ways we interact with people of color and talk about issues of race here on Metafilter that create a hostile environment for PoC. I want to bring up some of the tropes we saw in the FPP, and highlight them as specific suggestions as to what I need our community to do and be mindful of going forward, so we don't continue to alienate PoC on this website.
posted by Conspire at 6:33 PM Oct 22 2015 - 678 comments [266 favorites (4 in the last 7 days)]

Is it time to retire "outragefilter" as deletion reason?

In the most recent Fucking Fuck thread, a member buttoned after having a post deleted - the deletion reason was listed as "This is classic outragefilter, sorry." As per a mod suggestion, I'm starting this MeTa to discuss whether the community finds value in deleting posts for this reason.
posted by 23skidoo at 9:25 AM Jun 4 2019 - 768 comments [12 favorites (3 in the last 7 days)]

Testing out a new FanFare front page

We're rolling out a test of a revamped front page for FanFare, that we're hoping folks will find a lot more useful as a starting point to find media and conversations you're interested in on the subsite. Come on in for the details!
posted by cortex at 12:26 PM Jun 14 2019 - 133 comments [3 favorites]

Telephone Pictionary Results!

The new thread to check in with your team and to post the results from the Telephone Pictionary game.
posted by metaphorever at 6:57 PM Apr 23 2019 - 68 comments [12 favorites (2 in the last 7 days)]

Hummus for Us

In light of this post, I would like for the extraordinary Hummus Makers of Metafilter to share their Hummus Recipes, please!!
posted by whimsicalnymph at 10:17 AM Nov 13 2012 - 121 comments [51 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Everybody needs a hug

AskMe responses seem to be getting meaner over the years. It keeps me from posting anything but the most fact-based or unimportant questions, so I suspect it keeps other people from posting substantial questions, too. Is this the atmosphere we as a community want for AskMe?
posted by lazuli at 11:34 AM Nov 27 2018 - 308 comments [36 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Western Orientalism on MetaFilter

From discussion on the Big Data AI language model, some folks innocently mentioned the Chinese Room, a thought experiment about a language we don't know.
posted by kalessin at 6:45 AM Feb 15 2019 - 181 comments [22 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

thesmallmachine won a Lammy!

thesmallmachine has just won the 2019 LGBTQ SF/F/Horror Lambda Literary Award for his amazing book, The Breath of the Sun. Congratulations!
posted by kyrademon at 3:39 AM Jun 4 2019 - 41 comments [21 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Mefites on Patreon

This AskMefi question about supporting people on Patreon made me wonder: do you have a Patreon? Where is it and what kind of work do you do? Let's support each other!
posted by divabat at 9:01 PM Dec 13 2018 - 19 comments [7 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Telephone Pictionary by mail: MetaFilter edition

This one's for all the mefites who like to send and receive snail-mail. (You know who you are!) Last month I authored a Projects post about the "correspondence edition" of Telephone Pictionary I developed. Briefly: Telephone Pictionary is a pen-and-paper party game that adds a visual (drawn) component to "telephone," that game where people sit in a circle and whisper a phrase to one another, usually corrupting the original phrase in the process. In Telephone Pictionary, players alternate between written descriptions and drawings, going back and forth until the big reveal at the end. The "correspondence version" of this is done via snail-mail, so it takes a few weeks. I am interested in facilitating correspondence games of Telephone Pictionary among mefites, and I'd like to know if folks on the site might be interested in taking part!
posted by duffell at 12:04 PM Feb 5 2019 - 63 comments [6 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

(MetaFilter's own) Telephone Pictionary - signups open!

OK, friends and neighbors -- signups for Telephone-Pictionary-by-mail are now OPEN! The signup form is here, and signups will be accepted through the end of February. I'll aim to assign groups and email folks with their group assignments in the first week of March. If you have questions, please feel free to send me a MeFi Mail or shoot an email to Better yet, ask in the comments to this thread. Not sure what this is about? Details within!
posted by duffell at 1:52 PM Feb 12 2019 - 84 comments [6 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

MetaHolidayPlans 🏖️🌊🏝️🗻⛺

Nearing the end of another week, let's talk about something else that is not related to politics. Tell me about your upcoming plans. Are you planning a vacation? Heading out on a road-trip? Camping, hiking, laying on the beach? Any festivals or concerts you're looking forward to? Maybe it's a stay-cation and you're exploring something local or maybe it's a trip to the other side of the world? Are you soloing it or maybe you have a family, friend, or loved one accompanying you? Or maybe you're just working and doing your day to day thing. Either way, feel free to share your upcoming holiday plans. As always, be kind to yourself and to others. Cheers.
posted by Fizz at 7:32 AM Jun 14 2019 - 62 comments [1 favorite]

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