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Acknowledging fears while avoiding doomsaying

I have a suggestion for community communication standards for posts such as the one on the shootings at Trump’s July 13 rally that make many of our fellow Mefites highly anxious.
posted by eviemath at 11:24 AM Jul 15 2024 - 269 comments [24 favorites]

“I mean, old school web people definitely have opinions...”

From the Initiative for Digital Public Infrastructure at UMass Amherst: “MetaFilter turns 25 this month, a shining beacon of the Good Web. Reluctant owner Jessamyn West tells us how rusty tech and vibrant community keeps it vital.” [Elsewhere: MetaFilter: a time capsule from another internet]
posted by Wordshore at 9:57 AM Jul 12 2024 - 18 comments [22 favorites]

Metatalktails: birthday cake!

It's Metafilter's birthday month, so let's celebrate the end of the week with cake!
posted by freethefeet at 11:49 PM Jul 13 2024 - 64 comments [16 favorites]

I'd like to start a local bookstore bookmark exchange.

Kind of a summer project for myself. Selfishly, I'd love to have cool bookmarks from bookstores from across North America and maybe the world!
posted by Shepherd at 7:22 AM Jul 13 2024 - 44 comments [10 favorites]

[MeFi Site Update] July 18th

Hi there!

Welcome to this month’s Site Update! You can find the last update here.

posted by loup at 11:48 AM Jul 17 2024 - 16 comments [4 favorites]

The Continuing Ongoing Modern Pen Pal Project

Since the beginning of 2020, I've been doing a project where I write a handwritten letter a week to friends, acquaintances, and family members on a topic of their choosing and have sent out over 150 letters since starting. I last posted for correspondence about 18 months ago here in MetaTalk, asking for participants -- and you folks delivered! From your participation, I've started some lovely longer-term correspondences, and have sent out one-time thoughts on everything from video games to the history of my area to books to new interests. My list has dwindled and I could use some new participants!
posted by chiefthe at 9:09 AM Jun 23 2024 - 9 comments [13 favorites (2 in the last 7 days)]

RIP ricochet biscuit

Greetings, all. I'm posting to inform you of the death of ricochet biscuit. He passed away last night after a short illness. Michael (or Warren as he was known to some) will be sorely missed. His wife, Wendy, asked me to say a few words and "do him justice." I'm not sure I can, because I don't think words are sufficient. A brilliant man, in both his natural intelligence and his encyclopedic knowledge of, well, just about everything, Michael could always be counted on for an interesting conversation. A polyglot, multi-instrumentalist, D&D (and GURPS!) master gamer, funny, passionate, ethical, and reliable; you couldn't ask for a better friend. Joining in 2008, Michael really loved the metafilter community and often told me how much he enjoyed the lively discussions found here. Funeral and other information to follow.
posted by LoRichTimes at 4:55 PM Mar 19 2024 - 191 comments [9 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

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