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Secret Quonsar thank you thread (2017)

This is the official Secret Quonsar thank you thread.
posted by epj on Nov 16 at 4:34 PM - 492 comments

The Great Metafilter Cookie Swap 2017: sign up today!

It’s been A Year, and we here at cookie swap central would like to bring baked joy to as many MeFites across the globe as possible. If you'd like to bring edible tidings of cheer to people’s lives this month, read on.
posted by ausdemfenster on Nov 18 at 3:38 PM - 104 comments

Another MeFi author sighting

If you read the short story Cat Person in the New Yorker and the NYT interview with author Kristen Roupenian, maybe you wondered what other MeFites thought of it, because it seemed to be right up Metafilter's alley. So did the author. Congratulations to MeFi's Own Sock Person Cat Puppet, who has great taste in sockpuppet usernames, among many other things.
posted by RedOrGreen on Dec 11 at 1:39 PM - 7 comments

This post is to share friend codes for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Hi friends! This post is for folks to share friend codes for the new mobile game from Nintendo, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Happy camping! List your game character name and your code. You can find your code in the More screen after you have finished the tutorial, by clicking Friends > Add Friend > Share Your ID > Copy ID.
posted by matildaben on Nov 24 at 8:52 AM - 253 comments

SoCal Fire Check-In (December 2017)

Well, here we go again: Southern California is ablaze. A roundup below the fold. MeFites, please check in.
posted by mykescipark on Dec 6 at 8:55 AM - 31 comments

Can we not use gendered insults?

I really think the word bitch is problematic and highly offensive and adds nothing to the inclusivity here. This may be an antipodean thing but it’s a sexist and nasty insult. May I request we discuss not using it? Or any gendered insults?
posted by taff on Dec 5 at 2:20 PM - 237 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Dream Homes

Filling in for Eyebrows, who has been busy with Best Post Contest tagging, I bring you a Metatalktail suggestion from mefite sharp pointy objects, who would love to see members' "links to a home listing of their dream home in their dream city (or area) and [explanation] why this is their dream home/area. I love looking at home listings and would love to see other people's opinions and get to know them better."
posted by taz on Dec 10 at 1:18 AM - 51 comments

secret quonsar 2017: Signups are Open!

It's secret quonsar time again! Participants will find out who they have drawn on Saturday, November 11, and the gift send by (or on) date is Friday, December 1*. Please sign up by 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, November 9. The spending guideline: $10-20.
posted by julen on Oct 31 at 10:00 PM - 280 comments

Known issue: logged-out search not working right now

Quick heads up since a number of folks have noted/asked about this: yes, the search function for logged-out readers is currently not working. It throws up a complaint that is unhelpful but also not dangerous: "Unauthorized access to internal API. Please refer to...". We'll have it fixed soon, but just a heads up that (a) it is indeed a thing and (b) it's not something to worry about. Sorry about the annoyance!
posted by cortex on Dec 10 at 7:18 AM - 4 comments

Not to abuse MetaTalk...

You don't need to tell us that you're not abusing the edit window. Just make the additional comment and say what you wanted to say.
posted by DevilsAdvocate on Dec 6 at 2:44 PM - 79 comments

Thank you Thank you Thank you

This year was incredibly hard for me in a lot of ways.
posted by 80 Cats in a Dog Suit on Dec 9 at 8:02 AM - 26 comments


Click within to discover the full glory of the first week of the December Best Post Contest, including best posts of the week, all our first- and second-time posters for the week, and a recap of categories for the month-long contest!
posted by Eyebrows McGee on Dec 10 at 9:18 PM - 7 comments

Holiday card exchange?

Would anyone be interested in a holiday card exchange? I'd also be happy to have a list of people who are interested in receiving holiday cards, even if you don't want/can't send any out this year - I love sending mail!
posted by needlegrrl on Nov 6 at 9:38 AM - 144 comments

The pitter-patter of Mefite feet

Good news is the best news: Mefites supercrayon and Paragon welcomed a healthy baby girl to the world on December 6, at 10:24pm local time.
posted by Start with Dessert on Dec 7 at 6:19 PM - 58 comments

Who is the oldest Mefite?

Just wondering! I am 87 years old today.
posted by lungtaworld on Dec 7 at 8:49 AM - 107 comments

Fucking Fuck, v6

With the Unread, Illegible Tax Bill having passed the Senate, among other shattering, quotidian, or seasonal joys nightmares events, I suspect that a place to howl may be necessary. Please, howl here.
posted by monopas on Dec 2 at 1:34 AM - 165 comments


Congratulations to MeFi's Own jscalzi! Deadline reports Netflix Grabs Hold Of John Scalzi’s Sci-Fi Novel ‘Old Man’s War’ For Jon Shestack, Madhouse "EXCLUSIVE: Netflix has acquired John Scalzi’s modern sci-fi classic Old Man’s War to develop as an original film. The novel is the first in a bestselling six-book series and is considered to be one of the best of the genre over the past two decades, nominated for a Hugo Award. Jon Shestack Productions and Madhouse Entertainment will produce."
posted by Doktor Zed on Dec 7 at 11:05 AM - 33 comments

Resetting expectations about U.S. political discussion on MetaFilter

Hey folks, big discussion time. We're going to be making some changes on how U.S. political discussion plays out on MetaFilter, to try and make sure it remains available as a useful resource in a way that isn't as unsustainable as the current approach has been. I’ll lay out some concrete steps we’re taking, and some general thoughts, below. This is detailed but important and I appreciate you taking the time to read through it.
posted by cortex on Nov 28 at 7:45 AM - 393 comments


The December Best Post Contest is a GO. Vote with fantastic flags! Rules and categories inside!
posted by Eyebrows McGee on Nov 30 at 12:48 PM - 39 comments

Thank mod(s)!

I've never made one of these, but today I signed up to make a small monthly donation. The work the mods have been doing on the political threads is incredibly appreciated. I rely on those threads to have a sense of what's going on without having to go to twitter or facebook. Thank you mods for all the hard work you are doing. I really appreciate it. I hope that anyone else who is able to do so and has not done so before will consider donating to keep these folks with at least a bottle of ibuprofen for all the headaches we must cause them.
posted by sio42 on Dec 7 at 12:40 PM - 13 comments

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