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I'd like to start a local bookstore bookmark exchange.

Kind of a summer project for myself. Selfishly, I'd love to have cool bookmarks from bookstores from across North America and maybe the world!
posted by Shepherd on Jul 13 at 7:22 AM - 47 comments

Do instead of doom!

Are you helping the United States avoid sliding into fascism? Let's cheer each other on. Solidarity!
posted by NotLost on Jul 19 at 9:01 AM - 16 comments

[MeFi Site Update] July 18th

Hi there!

Welcome to this month’s Site Update! You can find the last update here.

posted by loup on Jul 17 at 11:48 AM - 27 comments

Acknowledging fears while avoiding doomsaying

I have a suggestion for community communication standards for posts such as the one on the shootings at Trump’s July 13 rally that make many of our fellow Mefites highly anxious.
posted by eviemath on Jul 15 at 11:24 AM - 285 comments

Metatalktails: birthday cake!

It's Metafilter's birthday month, so let's celebrate the end of the week with cake!
posted by freethefeet on Jul 13 at 11:49 PM - 66 comments

[Discussion Thread] Trans & Non-binary Members Survey

***FYI this is a thread for Trans and Non-binary members only. If you are a cis ally and want to be supportive, please do so by reading carefully what your peers have to say and allowing them to express themselves without being questioned. There will be additional opportunities for feedback ***

Let's use this thread to discuss the questions being posted here, their wording, get help framing concerns, etc.
posted by loup on Jun 24 at 4:43 PM - 118 comments

“I mean, old school web people definitely have opinions...”

From the Initiative for Digital Public Infrastructure at UMass Amherst: “MetaFilter turns 25 this month, a shining beacon of the Good Web. Reluctant owner Jessamyn West tells us how rusty tech and vibrant community keeps it vital.” [Elsewhere: MetaFilter: a time capsule from another internet]
posted by Wordshore on Jul 12 at 9:57 AM - 18 comments

MetaMixTapes 2: Growing Up to Be a Pope

It's been three months. Let's make another mixtape!
posted by kensington314 on Jul 7 at 1:54 AM - 34 comments

MetaTalkTales - looking past the solstice

This year's June Solstice came earlier than it has for 228 years, falling at 20:51 on 20 June UTC. The solstice is considered a time to pause, reflect and celebrate (for those in the Southern Hemisphere) the return of the sun. What are you reflecting on and hoping for over the time between solstices? For some, it's going to be a period of political turbulence, but let's put aside politics (hard, but I know you can do it!) for a change and reflect on the rest of our lives for a bit.
posted by dg on Jul 4 at 7:15 PM - 33 comments

Metatalktails, free threads, chatting and barriers

I'd like information and a discussion on community members chatting with each other, along with apprehension about making FPPs.
posted by NotLost on Jul 3 at 12:33 PM - 38 comments

[MeFi Site Update] June 19th

Hi there, MetaFilter!

This month’s Site Update includes a particularly important announcement. You can find the last site update here.

I’m looking forward to your feedback and questions!
posted by loup on Jun 19 at 2:13 PM - 244 comments

The Continuing Ongoing Modern Pen Pal Project

Since the beginning of 2020, I've been doing a project where I write a handwritten letter a week to friends, acquaintances, and family members on a topic of their choosing and have sent out over 150 letters since starting. I last posted for correspondence about 18 months ago here in MetaTalk, asking for participants -- and you folks delivered! From your participation, I've started some lovely longer-term correspondences, and have sent out one-time thoughts on everything from video games to the history of my area to books to new interests. My list has dwindled and I could use some new participants!
posted by chiefthe on Jun 23 at 9:09 AM - 9 comments

Interviewees, outlets sought for PR pitch

Bella Donna has volunteered to make a publicity pitch about MetaFilter!
posted by NotLost on Jun 21 at 12:24 PM - 37 comments

Metafilter Wikipedia Page

I just looked up Metafilter on Wikipedia for some reason related to reading the press-pitch MeTa (I no longer recall the reason) and it looks like it hasn't been updated in a very long time. I'm not a Wikipedia editor beyond occasionally correcting a grammatical error and I know that major edits are something you shouldn't undertake without understanding the culture of wikipedia editors. Also, I don't feel like an authority on the site and its history. In preparation for all the media exposure and curious people we're going to have looking in, maybe we could organize someone to update the wikipedia page?
posted by If only I had a penguin... on Jun 24 at 8:02 AM - 13 comments

Fanfare: UI Request

I know that MeFi's codebase is currently being rebuilt, - cannot fathom the intricacies of that - but as stuff is being rebuilt anyway, I'd like to request a Fanfare UI addition / tweak - and was hoping other people would discuss the benefits / drawbacks of this particular tweak.
posted by Faintdreams on Jul 5 at 11:48 AM - 11 comments

MeFi mod travelingthyme needs help

If you've noticed that moderator travelingthyme has not posted here recently, it's for a grave reason: while on a cross-country move, they were involved in a horrible accident that totaled their car, destroyed nearly all of their personal possessions, and tragically cost the life of their father. Now their friend has organized a GoFundMe to help cover medical bills, funeral arrangements, and replacement of everything from lost family keepsakes to household essentials (if you're in the Boston area, contact the organizer to donate items directly!). If you've found any value in this community in the last few years, travelingthyme is part of the reason why it's able to work -- please give what you can to help them recover from this terrible loss.
posted by Rhaomi on Jun 26 at 7:20 AM - 58 comments

Hello from your friendly neighbourhood interim board chair!

We had a proper update post lined up on the interim board, but things are super busy right now as we have crunched up our timeline and gotten masses of work done, so I wanted to pop by and unofficially say hello! I'm dotisunderwood and the current and soon to be last interim board chair. We have a meeting in a couple of days to be followed (thanks to a bunch of great volunteers) by an update, so any questions you'd like us to try to answer as well in the upcoming Official Update Post, please add below or memail me. (My household just welcomed an unexpectedly early baby, so I am behind on emails, punctuation and sleep so please be patient)
posted by dorothyisunderwood on Jun 19 at 11:29 AM - 10 comments

LinkFilter and those similar suggestions?

So, what do we want to do about Rhaomi’s ideas for LinkFilter and other sub-site suggestions (text reproduced inside)?
posted by Brandon Blatcher on Jun 22 at 8:20 AM - 45 comments

We want to hear from Trans and Non-binary members

***FYI this is a thread for Trans and Non-binary members only. If you are a cis ally and want to be supportive, please do so by reading carefully what your peers have to say and allowing them to express themselves without being questioned. There will be additional opportunities for feedback ***

There continues to be powerful organized legal and social efforts directed against Trans and nonbinary people and we need to take actions to ensure that MeFi becomes safer for Trans and Non-binary folks to participate and belong without having to face the same systemic hurdles they already have to face outside of this community .
posted by loup on Jun 24 at 4:43 PM - 5 comments

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