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September 2

Help cortex cut his hair, fundraising edition.

My hair is too long! Something's gotta be done! So, here's the deal: for every new $50 in monthly recurring contributions to MetaFilter we see in September, I'll cut an inch off. I've got about 14 inches of hair right now, so we've got a lot of ground to cover. Come inside to track my progress with the patent-pending MetaFilter Hair-O-Meter. [more inside]

September 1

MeFi Posts: $20 SAIT

We're all pitching in for Fundraising Month. Here is my contribution: ever wanted to see a post on a topic, but didn't want to write it yourself for whatever reason? Let me do it for you. Pledge a donation of $20 to MetaFilter and I'll make a MeFi post on a topic of your choosing. [more inside]

Metafilter Fundraising Month!

Hello everyone! We usually do a fundraising drive around the site's birthday, but this year has been a weird one, so we're doing it in September instead. [more inside]

August 29

Metatalktail Hour: Background Noise

Inspired by a link from ALeaflikeStructure, we pose the question, "What's on your actual or idealized-imaginary zoom backdrop?" Do you have a credibility bookcase or similar? Are you composing a subtle (or unsubtle?!) message with your background, or just winging it? Do you have favorites or notables that you've seen from others? [more inside]

August 28

Site Update #3, 2020

Hello everyone! We’re coming to the end of August, and things are getting caught up around here. We have a lot of stuff in store, so stay tuned! As usual, comments are turned off. Drop us a line at the Contact Form if you have feedback, and you’re welcome to open a MetaTalk thread for any subject you want to discuss with the community. [more inside]

August 27

U.S. Gulf Coast Hurricane Check-in

Thinking of those MeFites and their loved ones in Louisiana, Texas, and elsewhere along the U.S. Gulf Coast. Please let us know how you’re faring!

August 26

FPP: Local Elections?

The last MeTa about political megathreads got me to thinking that it might be good to have an FPP about local elections. What might be the best way to go about this, in a way that elicits healthy discussion and includes as much of the MetaFilter population as possible. [more inside]

Who's a Good Boy? Johnny Wallflower's a Good Boy.

Let's take a minute to congratulate Johnny Wallflower on his 1,000th post. He's a Good Boi who is always there to remind us that while the Internet may be made of cats, it's not made ONLY of cats. And let us be grateful it's not a literal shitpost.

August 20

Fantasy (American) Football Anyone?

Hey! It's that time of the year again! Assuming the season actually takes place, of course. Who's interested in some fantasy (American) football? I'll probably use Yahoo or ESPN and have a live draft, which honestly, is most of the fun. Let me know if you're interested and I'll shoot you a link when the league is set up. Thanks!

August 19

California WIldfires AGain

California MeFites, please be safe and let us know you're okay if you can. My heart is breaking for all of us.

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