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February 2

It's award season

Are there works that mefites have published/created in 2023 that are eligible for awards? Hugo nominations should open soon and I'm sure there are other awards I don't know about. Please share your work here.

January 31

MeFite Book Birthday Announcement!

Hi Everyone! One of the locals, albeit more quiet these days, just had a second book birthday! Depending on whether you order from the publisher, or from online retailers, CoyoteattheDogShow's history of a turn of a century gang of confidence men in the Midwest Men of No Reputation is now out in the world! [more inside]

January 30

MeFi Nonprofit Update 1/30/2024

The board forming the nonprofit for Metafilter met Jan. 18. [more inside]

January 25

Help me find this long-ago post on the blue about a singer who vanished

Many years ago, there was a post on the blue about a troubled young woman singer who recorded a few acoustic tracks and then (died? disappeared? left the music industry?). They were achingly sad and lonely. I remember in particular an absolutely devastating cover of the Beatles song Don't Let Me Down. There were also some originals, including, I seem to recall, one about a guy named Sam. Google and site search have failed me — does anyone remember this? [more inside]

January 24

Help me find a recent post about guide for bereaved on what next

In the last couple of months I saw a post on the blue or green about a detailed guide for people who had a relative die, about all the things you will have to do if you are responsible for making arrangements and tidying up as it were. I cannot find it. Can you? Really want to share it with someone who sadly very much needs it.

January 17

[MeFi Site Update] January 17th

Hi, MetaFilter!

Here comes the first site Site Update of the year. You can find the last one here.

Reminder: I will be the only mod actively monitoring this thread and will reply to your feedback and questions as I'm able to. You can expect a reply at least twice a week.

I’m looking forward to your feedback and questions! [more inside]

In Memoriam

This is intended as a picnic table at the bottom of the garden where anyone who would like to, can come over and share something about a mefite who has died, either this past year or any other.

January 12

Amazing list of curmudgeonly websites

There was an askme (I think) not too long ago, about websites that are amazingly specific, usually maintained by a cranky crank. It's where I found the sauce packet database for example... So many amazing links. Maybe even a link to a big website of other links. Somehow I seem to have lost it and I'm sad. Anyone remember and able to point me to the thread?

Operation: I Do

Sometimes, when a rambunctious baked good and a kryptonian/atlantean doofus love each other very much... [more inside]

January 11

MeFi Nascent Nonprofit Update 1/11/2024

The MeFi interim board met Jan. 3. [more inside]

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