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March 29

Clubhouse Invite Exchange

Have Clubhouse invites to give? Looking for a Clubhouse invite? This is the Metatalk thread for same. (inspired by)

Site Update #7, 3/29/2021

Sort of hard to believe that big boat got stuck in the Suez Canal and then unstuck again all since the last update, but life is a rich tapestry indeed. Quick update this time in any case. [more inside]

MeFiMusic - O Come All Ye Faithfull!

Do you like good music? [more inside]

March 28

Metatalktail Hour: Accoutrements

I was a person who never wore leggings before and now I wear them every day. Has the past year given you a new style, a new accessory (besides your mask), or some little thing/companion/habit/routine that you enjoy and is becoming part of you? Pets, hairstyles, jewelry, houseplants, what's a new thing with you lately? [more inside]

March 24

Find me these Little Ditties About Nuclear War

A while back, in SOME post somewhere, someone discussed a song from an album I'd like to track down - however, I don't remember enough detail to effectively search for it, and am hoping if I describe it someone can help. It was a folk album (or folk-esque) by someone in the 1970s or thereabouts, and was a collection of songs about a nuclear apocalypse and its aftermath. [more inside]

March 23

Bread Glaive Jalapeña

There’s an entry for Board Game Arena in the Social Stuffs section of the MetaFilter Wiki, which means that it will be eventually added to the Social Explorer and we will be able to add icons to our profiles (if so inclined), but in the meantimes there’s now a little community on BGA if you’re interested in finding other people with whom to play modern board games.

March 21

Metatalktail Hour: Arts and Crafts!

Happy weekend, metafilter! This week, I'd love to see some art or craft projects or home renovations or redecorations or anything like that, anything that you've been making that's beautiful or cool or efficient or well-organized that we can all admire for its talent and beauty! [more inside]

March 17

Asian American MeFite Checkin

I never thought i'd be the one making a post like this, but here we are. Asian Americans of MeFi, I wanted to write and check in after the horrible shootings in Atlanta yesterday. [more inside]

Find this Metafilter novelist

Yesterday, I was hanging out on the site, and in a conversation about the pandemic, a Mefite mentioned having written a book, and feeling like it was published into the abyss because of the pandemic. Several people piped up to say they had just bought a copy. I would like to find that thread, or that Mefite. [more inside]

March 15

Site Update #6, 3/15/2021

It's our first Monday update after having done these on Fridays the last few months. We have team meetings every Sunday, so this is a more natural fit for getting these updates ready to go and keeping them up-to-date come posting time. [more inside]

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