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January 14

Snark Less, Post More

We’d all benefit if there was more posting on Metafilter, even if it wasn’t perfect. It’d help if it wasn’t often so discouraging to submit posts, though. Here are some thoughts on how we could achieve this. [more inside]

January 12

Tiny Text - Please Stop

Can I respectfully ask the metafilter community to not so frequently use tiny text font? [more inside]

December 14, 2020

Can we do BDSM threads better?

Having to sift through a cavalcade of comments musing about it being trauma damage, or inexplicable perversity that is *clearly* doing real harm based on their gut feelings is hecking unpleasant and is one of the reasons I don't hang out here so much anymore. [more inside]

September 16, 2020

Beep-Boop Is A Slur Too

I have to say that this post on the removal of slurs from the Scrabble word list is really ticking me off. I think Jessamyn's reference to Scrabble players having a "beep-boop approach" to people is a slur against the neuroatypical, which is a group I belong to. (I'm on the autism spectrum.)

September 2, 2020

What is the MeFite meeting signal?

I'm going to meet a(nother) MeFite for the first time in a few days, and there's a possibility I'll meet a few more in the near future. Is there a special signal, hand gesture, code word, performative mime, or some other mechanism used by MeFites when they meet each other, either for the first time or on subsequent occasions? (And if not, should there be one?)

August 11, 2020

Your holiday does not make you an expert

I am reaching out to the community as I am not sure how to fix this but - can we please stop with the 'I visited somewhere for a week so here is my hot take about a country/culture based on a few days as a tourist'? [more inside]

July 27, 2020

Community Guidelines 2.0

I wanted to let you all know that we have updated our Community Guidelines, you can check them here: [more inside]

How should the issue of non-racial slurs be discussed?

The thread on “Racial slurs that should never be written,” was focused on racial slurs. Several people brought up other types of slurs, but they were told that that thread was not the place to address those slurs. This is the thread to discuss where to address those slurs. [more inside]

July 12, 2020

Twitter harassment from Mefi Outsider & Go Mefi

There are at least 2 prolific Twitter accounts that have been actively harassing Mefites (including myself): Mefi Outsider and Go Mefi. It's high time we actually talk about them. [more inside]

July 10, 2020

Better approaches to posts about trans people and transphobia

We need to talk about how trans issues are handled on MetaFilter. [more inside]

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