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Separating song posts from Music Talk posts

Pony request: in Music, there is the song section and there is Music Talk. Would it be possible for this to be reflected in one's profile? For instance, if you go to Music Activity page for snsranch, it lumps together his songs and his Music Talk posts. It's just a little cluttered to look through because there is no distinction made. Maybe instead of a 'Posts' tab could there be one 'Songs' tab and one 'Music Talk' tab (or something like that)? [more inside]
posted by Corduroy on Feb 8, 2011 - 21 comments

Recent Activity or Endless Quagmire?

It think it's been asked before, but I'm asking again: may we please have a mechanism for dropping a thread from our recent activity page? One comment, and you can be stuck with a thread for-seemingly-ever. And the longest-lived are often the ones you least want hanging around. [more inside]
posted by Wolfdog on Nov 20, 2007 - 59 comments

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