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Deleted Thread

WCityMike got me thinking with his recent thread. I like deleted thread. Frankly I think its uniqueness constitutes BOTW. So...would it violate the rules to do a blue post about it? (AFAIK no one has yet)
posted by allkindsoftime on Feb 1, 2007 - 33 comments

Missing MeTa

I have never seen a completely disappeared MeTa post before today. Given what passes for normal on MetaTalk, I fear that there must have been a truly unspeakable horror contained within it to merit this special handling. Do I walk on dangerous ground, merely speaking that post's name? If so, I take it all back, I saw nothing, there never was a thread 1347... what was that number again? I forget now.
posted by Meatbomb on Jan 13, 2007 - 11 comments

three-letter word for a male cat and a five-letter word for a sea-faring vacation

We recently had a MetaTalk thread regarding a three-letter word for a male cat and a five-letter word for a sea-faring vacation. I won't protest the thread's deletion; the entire site exists at the administration's discretion. What concerns me, however, are the Orwellian implications of deletion with no residual record in a community-based site.
posted by The Confessor on Dec 19, 2006 - 2 comments

How frequently are MeTa posts both deleted and zapped from existence?

How frequently are MeTa posts both deleted and zapped from existence? [more inside]
posted by nevercalm on Jun 19, 2006 - 54 comments

Is there a lofi for MeTa and what is lofi for anyway?

Is there a lofi for MeTa? If not, what happens to posts that get deleted (like the one that was just here, for example?) Is there any archive, anywhere? For that matter, what exactly is the point of Lofi? Sorry if this has all been explained before - I did search, but couldn't find anything.
posted by jonson on Dec 13, 2002 - 15 comments

My MeTa post is disappeared

Hi....I posted a URL the other day that was similar to metafilter, and so I thought MeFi was hacked for a minute there. When I realized the typo, I was relieved! I wondered if other people had found similar sites. But the post isn't there. I'm just wondering if that was a server glitch or just a lame post that was pulled. No worries, just curious for my own edification.
posted by Modem Ovary on Oct 25, 2002 - 26 comments

two requests

1. How about a standard notice when a comment is deleted from a thread? Replacing each deleted comment with "[comment deleted]" might make threads like this more understandable.
2) MeTa doesn't notice that I've set MeFi to open external links in a new window. External links don't always open from comment preview pages, either, which causes a tiny moment of angst when I double-check links before posting. Am I missing something?
posted by mediareport on Jun 4, 2002 - 6 comments

why was this post deleted?

For the sake of review, and so that we may all learn from the past in hopes of making a better future, why was this post deleted?
posted by insomnyuk on Feb 22, 2002 - 24 comments

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