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Statistics Please

Matt, can I have a pony for Christmas? Nothing too fancy, just some public statistics. Boingboing, for example, uses AWStats, which provides a delicious smörgåsbord of information. It doesn't sound too difficult to use, I've set up similar things on sites of my own.
posted by Spike on Dec 23, 2006 - 33 comments

User Rankings

Is there a ranking somewhere of who has had the most comments or posts favorited?
posted by empath on Nov 2, 2006 - 53 comments

User Statistics

I've noticed a lot of threads asking how many "real" members there are. Would it be difficult to add a counter to the front page that says something like: "There are currently x# users logged in"?
posted by Grod on Aug 4, 2003 - 20 comments

User Stats

Is it technically possible, without too much bandwidth "wastage" I hope, to have a list of all the MeFites loggen in at any given moment? I remember there was an "X number of people currently logged in" feature a while ago If Matt decides to bring it back, is it possible to actually have the names of those logged in?
posted by ( .)(. ) on Jul 5, 2002 - 37 comments

how many people actively participate in MetaTalk?

All this recent navel gazing has me wondering--is there any way to see how many people actively participate in MetaTalk? An informal count of the front page posts just now puts it at about a 1/3 who may not even know there's all this discourse going on behind the scenes (based purely on if they have posted any comments or links, they may be lurking). No ponies needed, mathowie! Just curious if any of the MeFi Coder Brigade has come up with anything to generate that sort of info. Thanks!
posted by thc on Feb 19, 2002 - 8 comments

User Statistics

I liked the little thingie that told how many users are on
MeFi at a time. What happened to it?
posted by Lynsey on Jan 10, 2002 - 7 comments

How did we get more users?

I thought I noticed that the number of users has been hovering below 13,000 for a couple of months now, yes? Then all of a sudden, today, we stand at a proud 13062! What happened? Would that nice person (moz?) who posted the topic and user numbers links the last time I asked possibly mind posting them again?
posted by Lynsey on Dec 26, 2001 - 8 comments

Users growing: stats available?

Matt, I would like to thank you for hosting this fabulous forum. I have learned so much about the wonderful world of the web, most recently such things as E/N sites :) and cam girls and how some people react to them. :) And I have a question. I have been noticing the numbers of Metafilter members rising steadily on the front page (and kudos to you for hosting all 11,000+ of us). There was a rise in members (pun unintended!) right after you came back from vacation and another big bump following the horrible events of Sept. 11. Could you tell us how many people have joined since Sept. 11, since you came back from vacation, and say, since the beginning of this year? Do you have those statistics handy? I think it would be interesting to see how many of us have joined in what time periods, even from the beginning!
posted by Lynsey on Sep 24, 2001 - 7 comments

Thread/Comment and User Growth statistics, July 2001

Thread/Comment and User Growth statistics are up for July. This is the first month that threads and comments actually dropped slightly, largely because new user signups are still disabled. Also, we broke 10,000 user IDs yesterday. Congratulations, Ricci.
posted by waxpancake on Aug 2, 2001 - 26 comments

User Statistics

Perhaps a way, if not to tell *who* is currently logged in, at least a count of how many Mefites are in the house? I ask only because I'm on the other side of the Pacific from most of you (or the other side of the Eurasian landmass), and, well, etc.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken on Jul 26, 2001 - 11 comments

take a look at what the numbers say

Considering all the hub-bub we keep getting about vets VS oldies, signal-to-noise, volume posters, etc, I just finished wasting a huge volume of time crunching the may stats based on individual posters - all 310 of 'em. For whatever it's worth, take a look at what the numbers say about who's posting what and how successfully. info inside
posted by Perigee on Jun 3, 2001 - 15 comments

when will the number of registered users will surpass the number of threads

So, anyone want to venture a guess as to when the number of registered users will surpass the number of threads?
posted by alana on Apr 20, 2001 - 6 comments

How about a bit more detail on users than 'nnnn members' ?

How about a bit more detail on users than 'nnnn members' ?
ie. user activity: the number/percentage of the members that viewed the site, posted a comment, posted a link in the last month.
Estimated number of non members viewing the site would be good context too. [I was reading MetaFilter daily for over a year before joining]

Request number 2 for a MetaTalk search comes from me.

And couldn't the thread category, when posting to MetaTalk, default to the topic you came from? [Most people would view the topic before starting a thread here]
posted by southisup on Mar 4, 2001 - 1 comment

November Stats

I hope this doesn't come off as pompous or anything, I just wanted to show everyone the metafilter stats for November. A few things to note: the times are in GMT, so they're 8 hours behind the real time (there isn't a 9am lull in requests, that's actually a 1am lull, PST). I started keeping track of bytes transferred about half way through the month, so the data transfers are off. 330,000 page views is pretty wacky though. As usual, the search requests are mostly disturbing. I don't want to meet most of the people doing those searches.
posted by mathowie on Dec 2, 2000 - 0 comments

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