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Let's follow each other on Pocket

Surely, there are many MeFites on Pocket. Their Friends function is the closest thing I've found to the social features on the dearly departed Google Reader Let's exchange usernames and become friends. [more inside]
posted by reenum on Mar 15, 2017 - 21 comments

Posting articles from well-known sources

I have seen a number of posts on articles from very well-known sources that everybody reads, like The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, and The Huffington Post. They're interesting articles, but I wonder if they belong on MeFi when they're already so widely available? [more inside]
posted by Vispa Teresa on Aug 15, 2013 - 80 comments

May sixth is RTFA Day

Enjoy reading some fantastic articles today!
posted by flex on May 6, 2012 - 65 comments

Finding the articles only

I read metafilter for the articles and would love a way of filtering posts which contain mainly articles. Maybe a tag is the answer. There is a great 'givemesomethingtoread' site hidden in metafilter. Any suggestions on the easiest way to get at it.
posted by therubettes on Aug 25, 2011 - 43 comments


In the light of this FPP I would like to propose that today be declared RTFA day, in order to promote awareness of Reading The Fucking Article before posting comments.
posted by Artw on May 6, 2011 - 279 comments

The Metafilter Magazine

LazyMefi request: Wouldn't it be cool to have a website that featured longer-form original essays, articles and writing from Mefites? [more inside]
posted by adrianhon on Mar 6, 2011 - 250 comments

[print MeTa]

A quick thanks to people linking to "print versions" of articles online instead of paginated versions. [more inside]
posted by Shepherd on Mar 3, 2010 - 25 comments

One link articles from popular periodicals

What's up with all of the one link articles from popular periodicals?
posted by Frank Grimes on Jan 24, 2005 - 21 comments

Wall Street Journal Copyright

This is about the fifth or sixth thread since July to link to an e-mailed article from the Wall Street Journal Online. I only bring this up because it violates the terms of WSJ.com's subscriber agreement, and could cause copyright problems both for the individual users linking to them and for the 'Filter.
posted by dogmatic on Sep 24, 2002 - 5 comments

Can we post articles on Metatalk as well as Metafilter?

What is view on posting external articles of interest in metatalk much like metafilter ? Thanks. (PS Wash Post and NY Times articles are posted in comments, as I am somehow unable to link from here, maybe just as well until I get the response.)
posted by Voyageman on Dec 11, 2001 - 6 comments

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