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First Australian meetup for 2009?

I'm back in Sydney for early January. Beer? [more inside]
posted by zamboni on Dec 20, 2008 - 21 comments

I refuse to call this place BrisVegas

I'm in Brisbane, Australia. I'm pretty sure that out of 80,000 Metafilterites, at least three or four of you are in Brisbane, Australia also. That's enough for a "thing", but not enough for a "meet", so how about a "thing"? [more inside]
posted by turgid dahlia on Oct 5, 2008 - 124 comments

May (we) Meetup in Melbourne?

May (we) meetup in Melbourne? [more inside]
posted by initapplette on May 1, 2008 - 41 comments

Pictures from Down Under

Blah blah Sydney meet-up photos blah blah lots of weddings yadda yadda good times had by all blah blah look there's tutu's... [more inside]
posted by qwip on Nov 10, 2007 - 34 comments

Sydney Meetup Photos

Pictures from the Sydney MeFi Meet-up at the Alfred Hotel Pub in Camperdown..., in case you were curious.
posted by qwip on Sep 17, 2006 - 25 comments

Sydney Meetup

Floating the idea of a Sydney meetup in the next few weeks...?
posted by UbuRoivas on Aug 26, 2006 - 12 comments

Sydney Meetup

I reckon it's time for another Sydney Meetup. Bloody Oath. [more inside]
posted by dhruva on Jun 7, 2006 - 24 comments

Melbourne Meetup

Melbourne Easter Meetup! Victorians, not doing anything this weekend? Why not meet some people who share your love for the blue, brown, green and red + white?

Suggested time: Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday.
Suggested place: Somewhere central that is not impossible to find.
posted by asok on Apr 11, 2006 - 9 comments

Any mefites in Perth/Freemantle, Australia?

Any mefites in Perth/Freemantle, Australia? How about a meetup? (mi)
posted by dhruva on Sep 24, 2005 - 9 comments

Sydney Meetup

Sydney Meetup Reminder: 1st April, The Erko, Erskineville at 7 pm. Details here.
posted by dhruva on Mar 30, 2005 - 12 comments

Melbourne Meetup

Melbourne Mefi Meetup. Previously mentioned here. [There is more inside]
posted by bdave on Dec 27, 2004 - 5 comments

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