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Can you comment on my first metafilter post?

A few days ago, I made my very first post to Metafilter, giving links to several different kinds of interactive film. It didn't get deleted, but there was almost no response. Was the topic just that boring? Or could I have done better in my post? Suggestions welcome.
posted by honest knave on Jul 3, 2007 - 97 comments

best first post ever?

I thought the buster keaton post was incredible, one of my favorites to read (and watch) in a long time, and even more so when i read it was a first post. Anyways I just want to recognize churl for putting so much effort into making such a great first post .. links to criticism, sources,background info and of course videos.. its awesome. Just a really auspicious begginning, i hope he does more like this
posted by petsounds on Apr 26, 2007 - 31 comments

way to go on scaring the new guy

Now that we have all read and agreed with Taz's post, lets put it into practice: User posts first Front-page Post. The Post is great and well-received. New user even explains where he got it from (not that he had to). Everything's great so far so...let's call him out because it appeared in some older comments AND let's accuse him of outright stealing it! Good work!
posted by vacapinta on Sep 5, 2004 - 21 comments

Can all of y'all stop apologizing?

Can all of y'all stop apologizing in the first post of a thread, please?

People shouldn't have to feel as if their contribution is any less because of subject matter than any other post. It's extremely annoying to read an interesting fpp and then have a sniveling self-deprecating post within. Grab some balls people!
posted by drgonzo on Apr 6, 2004 - 32 comments

waiting period increases on handguns^H^H^H posts

It was mentioned on another thread that the waiting period to post is now one week (up from 24 hours). This is a very good idea.

As further "crowd control safety" measures, perhaps some mechanism could be developed whereby membership had to be confirmed after one week (in some window of time)? This way, the most casually curious would not be able to post, and would not go into the membership figure total.

In addition, how about some period (6 months?) after which membership would expire?

These features might keep a certain minimal level of seriousness to members and their posts; also, it would be fun to see the "tote board" go down as well as up!
posted by ParisParamus on Apr 11, 2001 - 10 comments

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