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AU may back off unsuccessful "Pacific Solution"

AU may back off unsuccessful "Pacific Solution"
    Howard himself may be clearing the ground for a back down. In a marked departure from his election campaign rhetoric, he said in an interview last week that turning asylum seekers' boats back to sea was "completely inhuman."
    That's not just marked, it's a 180! There was a bit of interest in this story here a while ago, but I thought this new wrinkle in AU's aid-for-beds deal with Pacific nations didn't merit another "FPP." (see also 1, 2)
posted by rschram on Dec 17, 2001 - 5 comments

Scholarship competition: followup needed

So, when will we hear the results of the scholarship competition? My understanding is that the most-vote-getter wins, but I was expecting a sidebar link about it, if not a ticker-tape parade, at least !
posted by rschram on Jul 7, 2001 - 4 comments

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