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AskMe Dis-ad-biguation

Google ads on AskMe pages makes them very confusing to read (for non-members who see them). Is it possible to visually separate them a bit more from the content? Or move the ads below the "More Inside" content?
posted by spiderskull on Dec 17, 2011 - 67 comments

Russian women for sale in Google ad

Talking about Russia? Perhaps you would also like to find yourself a nice Russian bride? Google ads show some real class in this thread (about Russian nuclear arms). More inside. [more inside]
posted by Termite on Sep 21, 2009 - 53 comments

can't see the ads unless I log out

I just bought Google ads on MetaFilter for one of the projects I've posted here (still valiantly trying to get the word out)...but I can't see the ads unless I log out. Is there a way for me to choose to see the ads when logged in? FWIW, I'd imagine that some of the MeFi supporters would be happy to see them as another way to support the site (I would, and do this on another site which I am a paying member).
posted by Kickstart70 on Aug 23, 2006 - 57 comments

Google has been very slow for the past few days...

Google has been very slow for the past few days (through WorldCom T1.) When loading MetaFilter, it has been hanging on the Google Ads. While I don't want to add ' pagead.googlesyndication.com' to my host file, I'm not sure of another way to resolve one site affecting another's ability to fully load.
posted by the fire you left me on Jun 27, 2003 - 16 comments

God bless Google's ad targeting algorithm.

Alongside the gay wedding and anti-homophobia ads lured into the seductive clutches of the Mark Foley story, there sits an ad for Texas Congressional candidate Randy Neugebauer, a "committed pro-family, pro-life conservative who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ." God bless Google's ad targeting algorithm.
posted by rcade on May 10, 2003 - 111 comments

How does Google Adsense work?

Maybe this has already been discussed, but I noticed on my "Gypsy" post today that the ads in the discussion were all "Gypsy" and Broadway related. How does that work?
posted by adrober on Apr 22, 2003 - 6 comments

You got a problem with Text Ads?

TextAds. As Matt promised, unobtrusive and inoffensive. I certainly don't have a problem with these. What does everyone else think?
posted by toddshot on Oct 22, 2001 - 107 comments

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