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I see a blank page before me

Lofi Mefi's style sheet suggests a text and background color for body (black on white). This is fine unless some moron (i.e., me) has default colors of mint green text on a black background with white links. The mint green and black background are overridden but the white links end up on your white background.

Assuming a user's default link color is blue could lead to unreadable links, so please add at least colors for links (there already is a color on a:hover, but no background). (Alternately, if you want, remove all color suggestions from the style sheet.)
posted by gleemax on Nov 10, 2001 - 8 comments

I made a lofi stylesheet

I whipped up a quick user stylesheet to be used with lofi MetaFilter. I don’t know if it works with anything but Opera, but here’s a screenshot. What do you think?
posted by gleemax on Oct 9, 2001 - 23 comments

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