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Medicine spinoff?

One of today's Ask posts--and the recent no-username-at-meetups discussion here!!--prompted me to ask: Are any of the various medical students, physicians, etc. interested in forming a Google group or similar? [more inside]
posted by 8603 on May 6, 2016 - 22 comments


This post is based on is sensationalised and scaremongering reporting and should be deleted. And then the ground should be salted so that no other post like it can ever grow again. [more inside]
posted by Ned G on Apr 26, 2016 - 30 comments

Where are the Seurm charts of Yesteryear?

A couple years back there was an FPP of a very large blood serum values/ranges chart. It was favorited repeatedly as an example of great data visualization. I believe the source of the image was Wikipedia but I can't find it there now. Does this ring any bells?
posted by clarknova on Dec 21, 2012 - 7 comments

Nazi Medicine Post on Mefi?

I think I saw a post on the site a year or so ago about the ethics of using Nazi medical data in modern science. [more inside]
posted by eleanna on Nov 10, 2011 - 14 comments

Acupuncture for a medical question?

Medical question gets placebo answer. [more inside]
posted by norm on Jan 9, 2011 - 88 comments

How many hits of this acid should I eat?

Seriously, we're going to tell somebody how much ativan to take? [more inside]
posted by Netzapper on Aug 11, 2010 - 99 comments

Might be of interest...

The head of Regenexx has joined MeFi in response to an FPP I posted and is commenting about claims being made about his company, treatments, studies and protocols. [more inside]
posted by zarq on Mar 28, 2010 - 40 comments

Time to pop the champagne cork?

Update on this fascinating thread, which discussed a controversial new treatment and theory about Multiple Sclerosis. Mainstream (Canadian) news agencies are now picking up the story: Article and video. [more inside]
posted by Potomac Avenue on Nov 23, 2009 - 11 comments

Doctors are not scary bogeypeople!

What is with Askmes where a three year old could tell you that the answer is "DOCTOR NOW NOW NOW"? [more inside]
posted by dmd on May 28, 2009 - 153 comments

Where should I, a physician, draw the line at commenting on health-related posts in AskMe?

Where should I, a physician, draw the line at commenting on health-related posts in AskMe?

I enjoy thinking about folks' medical puzzles and often learn something in the process of trying to solve them. However, I'm a neurologist, so most of what I comment on is well outside my scope of practice. I've tried to make it clear in my user info that I'm not commenting in my professional capacity as a medical advisor, but instead as "just another Metafilter user." But if you scroll down to roofus' thought-provoking post a few days ago, you can read about a number of harmful things that we docs could inadvertently be causing, including but not limited to the inflammation of hypochondria, acute bad-adviceFilter, and sudden dismemberment or death.

What do folks think? Should I just can it before I get sued?
posted by ikkyu2 on Jul 15, 2005 - 52 comments

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