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One of today's Ask posts--and the recent no-username-at-meetups discussion here!!--prompted me to ask: Are any of the various medical students, physicians, etc. interested in forming a Google group or similar?

I am an older medical student going into my third year.

Feel free to close this if it isn't the right forum. Thanks!
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Aim higher, Start your own practice! MefiMed: We'll Be There After You Eat It.
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I didn't know there were any doctors here!
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Nobody has ever matched the angsty prolixity of the late departed ikkyu2, but there are a few of us lurking about. I very occasionally answer AskMe health questions if I have something useful to say.
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I'm a nursing student graduating terrifyingly soon; do I count?
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I'm totally winning public health at uni. Again. Can I play epidemiology with the big kids?
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I remember that ikkyu2 was very worried about giving poor information and setting himself up for accusations of misinformation or even malpractice (iirc, he's a brain surgeon?). I don't know how these things actually work, but I can understand his concern about being seen as an authority on medical advice. Think of being a web dev and trying to help your family member with their windows machine. You can't help but say, ok just try this. Then their computer drowns in viruses and popups. It's not really your fault but you still feel kind of guilty...
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I started adding self-identified med students and doctors as contacts so I can follow what's going on in the Mefi-medisphere. I definitely don't have everyone though (and not all my contacts are health professionals either).
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I very occasionally answer AskMe health questions if I have something useful to say.

Having something useful to say has never stopped the rest of us.

There are several emergency room physicians that will, at times, when they have something useful to say, chime in on Ask.
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I'd be up for it! I'd suggest Slack rather than a google group, though.
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There's a few of us old timer docs still around. TedW and docpops come to mind. ikkyu2 burned out because he was always giving medical advice but then would go totally aggro when people would give non-medical, in some cases dangerous, advice about fairly serious stuff. He was (is) a neurologist. I like being considered an Internet anarchist punk weirdo before being a doctor, but I'll put the white coat on if the thread calls for it and I'm in the mood for the aggravation.

I'd consider joining a group of Mefi doctors, although im like days away from giving up medicine entirely. Not to discourage any of you idealistic young medical students. But it's literally the worst possible thing you could do with your life.
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hi ActionPopulated, I'm a nurse and I say you count!
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Another nurse/MeFite here!
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I'm an epidemiologist but not a physician. I trained as a nurse but my license is lapsed and I was never licensed to practice in Oz, where I live now.
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I am already overextended on social media so I probably wouldn't be up for a group.
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Surgeon here. I'd be up for joining a group.
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Bioethicists? or are we getting too far away from the original intent?
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I'd be interested (also a surgeon). I second ocherdraco's suggestion of Slack.
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As hard as I try (and I don't try very hard), I can't seem to avoid medicine-related questions. I'm a bit overextended and probably wouldn't participate much in another group, though it'd be amusing to see you folks on Slack!


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Haha, cortex totally ate that apple he found next to his local toxic waste facility!
Why would someone post a question, asking if it's ok to eat something, read all of our responses saying not to, then eat it anyway?
Shouldn't we be trying to help him?
I'd be interested in crunching the numbers to see how many MeFites follow our recommendations when it comes to medical advice.
Beat you to it!
Get a room NERDS!
ocherdraco uploaded a file hehehe.gif
Slarty Bartfast
Why did I join this group again? Oh, right. To torture myself.
shiny blue object
n. moon
We are all part of a health care TEAM. There's no "I" in team!
There's no "U" either! HAHA! Just kidding. Let's go back a bit talk about cortex's question.
So, in summary, moderators drool? And we rool?

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I'm a hospice nurse so my relationship with a lot of physicians IRL can be strained but, hey why not?
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I'd be interested, just finished with medical school.
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Older medical student checking in! I would love to connect with you all, especially the surgeons because my understanding has been that when I become a surgeon I will have to surrender all of my hobbies at the door.
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Midwife and NP here. I also sometimes chime in if I think it might be helpful.
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