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Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti 🎵

End of another week, let's talk about something else that is not related to politics. I want to hear about your favorite musical(s). Broadway, Off-Broadway, live-action adaptation, film adaptations of stage musicals, etc. Who are your favorite singers/performers/entertainers? Do you have any specific songs that you like to put on repeat? Have you memorized the soundtrack? Do you sing them in your car or shower? Let's talk about a few of our favorite things. As always, be kind to yourself and to others.
posted by Fizz on Jun 28, 2019 - 90 comments

I wish I could save her in some sort of time machine...

Remember this thread about Amanda Palmer and the Lexington High School writing and producing the play "With The Needle That Sings in Her Heart" (based on Anne Frank's experiences in the Holocaust and utilizing some music from Neutral Milk Hotel's In The Aeroplane Over the Sea?)
The play will be Webcast live from Party on the Internet at 7:30 pm EST on saturday night.
posted by schyler523 on May 7, 2009 - 13 comments

Meetup in Omaha?

By the way, remember last February when I posted a link to a series of gay-themed records from the 60s? And we all agreed someone should take them and make a musical out of them? Well, I went ahead and did that, and it opens at Omaha's Blue Barn Theatre this Friday. Nebraskans and nearby Iowans, I'll be in town next week -- maybe meet up?
posted by Astro Zombie on Nov 18, 2006 - 38 comments

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