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MetaFilter in the News!

MetaFilter has been featured in a big story by a major national news organization! Well, it’s not so much MetaFilter, as Mefites themselves that are discussed. The article is actually very cagey about identifying MetaFilter explicitly, but I think it’s obvious, no? [more inside]
posted by Kabanos on Jun 6, 2016 - 93 comments

What did I do wrong?

Why is Glenn NOT being killed in a horrible accident NOT best of the web? [more inside]
posted by philip-random on Nov 5, 2009 - 76 comments

I'd like to declare a moratorium on comparing things to the Onion

I'd like to declare a moratorium on comparing things to the Onion, as well as nominations for the Darwin Award. [more inside]
posted by jpoulos on Feb 27, 2004 - 38 comments

Nice answers in Onion Askme

Ask MeFi's finest hour. Enough to bring tears to my eyes.
posted by stupidsexyFlanders on Jan 5, 2004 - 16 comments

Can someone educate me?

I don't think Bas67's recent deleted post linking to the Onion should have been deleted. I think that was good stuff. I was going to post the comment:

They should translate that text into the appropriate language(s), put it on leaflets, and drop it throughout Afganistan, Syria, Lebanon and the West Bank. It might make certain individuals think twice.

Was it really beyond the Pale? Can someone educate me? Or was it the material around the post on that page (which I didn't read)?
posted by ParisParamus on Oct 1, 2001 - 4 comments


It's not a double-post. It's not a troll. It's not a self-link. But it is just a "Ha, ha, ain't that funny?" link to an Onion story.

Am I being too picky for objecting? Should we have a required reading list for MeFi users?
posted by anildash on Sep 3, 2001 - 13 comments

How about an onionBot?

How about an onionBot? If a post goes, say, more than 6 comments without mentioning The Onion than an emergency system would be activated and insert 'This sounds like a article from The Onion,' or some veriation thereof, as the 7th comment. Then, and only then, would all be right in the MeFiverse
posted by Mick on Jul 30, 2001 - 4 comments

Just like something out of the Onion!

Maybe it's just me, but if just one more person says that any random amusing, ironic, or unusual news story is "just like something out of The Onion!", then I'm going to be forced to go on a massive, multi-state killing spree, and I'm going to take the time to lovingly spell out "METAFILTER MADE ME DO IT" with my victims' entrails.
posted by webmutant on Jul 2, 2001 - 12 comments

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