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Server outages

MetaFilter, MetaTalk, and Ask Metafilter might be sporadic over the next day or so, as the server hosting the DNS has died for now. Hopefully that server will be back tomorrow morning, but if not, you could hack your hosts file to point the three domains at

If you see the sites unreachable by morning, that's why.
posted by mathowie on Feb 4, 2004 - 14 comments

Server Downtime

Sorry about the downtime -- it turns out that storms and thunder and lightning make the power in Brookline, MA go away for a short bit. Thank goodness for the wonder of uninterruptible power supplies and graceful shutdowns...
posted by delfuego on Aug 3, 2003 - 9 comments

Server Outage?

MeFi outage last night from about 8 p.m. PDT until 10 when I logged off and went to bed . Just me or anyone else?
posted by Lynsey on Oct 9, 2002 - 9 comments

Server isn't serving....

It might be my LAN, but I get a "Connection Failure" where the main chunk of posts on MeFi should be ...

posted by a11an on Sep 21, 2001 - 10 comments

Outage thread

In order to jam up MeTa as well as MeFi -- and to be insensitive and unpleasant -- any guesses or thoughts on how long it will be before "normal" operations resume?
posted by j.edwards on Sep 14, 2001 - 6 comments

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