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positive feedback

this is your opportunity to share what you appreciate about the people who comment at metafilter as well as the people who work at metafilter. [more inside]
posted by aniola on Sep 7, 2023 - 38 comments

Help Me Get My Smile Back?

A strange man screamed at me for no reason today, now I find I need something to help me shake that encounter off, and feel happy again. Details below. [more inside]
posted by WalkerWestridge on Feb 21, 2019 - 96 comments

Things are getting better!

If you are a poster on the green please share some of your victories with me. I'm looking to read sequential AskMe questions that show things getting better over time. [more inside]
posted by tedious on Oct 18, 2017 - 56 comments

Tell Me Something Good

This is a complementary post to Fizz's necessary post, but tell me something good, tell me that you like it, yeah! It doesn't have to be an amazing thing, but something that made you smile, or feel happy, etc. [more inside]
posted by ellieBOA on Aug 17, 2017 - 152 comments

We were all eleven. Well. Most of us.

This AskMe thread is just fantastic. A not-simple question with so many great, empathetic, caring suggestions from people who were at one point up a similar creek trying to fashion any sort of paddle. POSITIVE THREAD CALLOUT. EVERYBODY HUG.
posted by davidjmcgee on Jun 11, 2012 - 38 comments

Everyone needs a hug.

I think MeFi needs more hugs. You can join me if you want. [more inside]
posted by flex on Oct 24, 2011 - 179 comments

my ideal of a perfect thread

Someone said that there needed to be positive as well as negative examples of Metafilter Behavior. This comes close to my ideal of a perfect thread.
posted by hob on Aug 19, 2002 - 11 comments

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