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Everything alright?

I noticed it's been 3 whole days (!) since the last MetaTalk post. Just wanted to make sure everyone's alright.
posted by MattMangels on Jun 26, 2012 - 1 comment

Quon... sar? What is?

Whither "quonsar"? [more inside]
posted by not_on_display on Dec 25, 2007 - 95 comments

Has no one posted to the front page in the last eight hours?

Has no one posted to the front page in the last eight hours, or is this an extension of the timezone bug?
posted by anotherpanacea on Jul 6, 2006 - 29 comments

Crickets are heard

is it just me or is the front page oddly silent today...could it be we are all waiting for fitzmass?
posted by stilgar on Oct 28, 2005 - 31 comments

Complete silence theatre

I had a crazy idea that I mentioned, off the cuff, in this thread. It seems there are many of us who hate it when people talk during movies. My idea: theatres should have special "complete silence" shows. During these shows, you would not be allowed to talk or munch popcorn. There would be an usher stationed in the theatre to enforce the rules. The theatre would charge double the normal ticket price (to pay for the usher and as a further deterrent to talkers).

I was surprised so many were into it. What if we contacted a theatre an proposed the idea? If we get enough people interested, they might go for it. There are many of us in the NYC area. And we could, perhaps, partner with other sites like ainitcool.com. What do you guys think?
posted by grumblebee on Mar 12, 2005 - 34 comments

Is this the first post with no comments??

Is this a new record? I knew I could set one somehow. Don't ruin the perfect 0!
posted by yoga on Aug 25, 2004 - 40 comments

It's not asshat, it's felchwit

That know-nothing neo-jazz-fusion asshat Pretty_Generic made a shitty first post, thereby crudding up a pristine, postless front page.
posted by lazy-ville on Mar 25, 2003 - 29 comments

The Ebbs and flows at this joint fascinate me.

Am I just imagining it, or is there a lot less posting going on to Metafilter in the last few days. This is not necessarily bad, but the political threads are almost absent, and just the number of contributions is down. The Ebbs and flows at this joint fascinate me.
posted by ParisParamus on Nov 12, 2002 - 16 comments

Quiet periods save resources

It's Tuesday, 8:42 PST, and there are only three posts on the front page - surely a record. Perhaps if users distributed their posts better over the 24 hours (and according to their timezones) there wouldn't be so much crowding? Quiet periods can easily be identified and this might be a way to avoid the rush, spread out and save resources.
posted by MiguelCardoso on Nov 12, 2002 - 50 comments

I know what's with the boxes

If you thought I was going to be a typical neophyte/scumbag and ask "What's with the boxes?" then you're sadly mistaken, my friends. I know full-well it's old hat, and that's why you won't hear a peep out of me.
posted by Ljubljana on Sep 30, 2002 - 24 comments

slow, yet golden period?

Is MetaFilter going through a slow, yet golden period? Although the number of threads is probably still as high as usual, there seem to be far fewer comments. And yet the quality of posts and specially comments (lots of nice long, considered ones) has been unusually high, imo. Can there be any truth to this? [More inside]
posted by MiguelCardoso on Jul 23, 2002 - 83 comments

Jose Saramago joins Metafilter

An appeal: "I've stopped posting to the front page" is increasingly said by our most experienced and respected posters, sometimes with an absurd sense of pride. Various reasons are given - usually to do with some decline in standards or overcrowding.

What would happen, though, if everyone stopped posting links? What would be left? Surely quality can't be promoted by inactivity. It's easy to criticize and go on about how MetaFilter is going downhill. So why don't critics lead by example? Would it kill them to post good links a little more often? This would probably be the best way to quickly raise the standard here and restore the "glory days". As it is, not to be rude or anything, it looks more and more like a "put up or shut up" situation.
posted by MiguelCardoso on Feb 18, 2002 - 94 comments

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