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Metafilter not working on laptop!

Metafilter will not work on my laptop! [more inside]
posted by marxchivist on Mar 19, 2017 - 10 comments

Technical Experts

I love AskMefi for all that it is, but I often get bogged down in things that don't interest me. I'm in Engineering by trade and often times I run into very specific areas of knowledge that either I know or someone else is an expert in. I'd like to make a list of these. [more inside]
posted by sanka on Mar 26, 2011 - 13 comments


I have no idea what these people are talking about, but incredible answers like these are what makes me love AskMe.
posted by loiseau on Aug 24, 2007 - 31 comments

Thank you for fabulously detailed AskMe answers

Just a big shout out of thanks to all the members, even FFF who, in so much detail and depth, discussed my lighting issues earlier in the week. I'm not sure why, but Metafilter attracts and retains an amazingly smart, broad base-of-knowledge group of people. Truly remarkable.
posted by ParisParamus on Mar 2, 2005 - 21 comments

A Man of Mystery

Geoff. broke the pile. His user page throws an error.
posted by SpecialK on Jun 13, 2004 - 15 comments

I can't see the comments on MeFi....

I suppose Matt is just working on something, but I can't see the comments on MeFi. [error msg inside]
posted by qbert72 on Dec 27, 2001 - 4 comments

Login back to where I started, not main page, pls

I tend to browse MeFi from all over the place, meaning I'm rarely logged in when I want to post something. The little login feature, once it authenticates me, drops me back to a link to the main page, instead of a link to where I was when I clicked "post new thread." Fixable?
posted by jessamyn on Mar 11, 2001 - 2 comments

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