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Geoff. broke the pile. His user page throws an error.
posted by SpecialK to Bugs at 12:25 PM (15 comments total)

(obligatory FiPi reference.)

Geoff.'s user page throws the following error:

Error Occurred While Processing Request
Invalid list index 2.
In function ListGetAt(list, index [, delimiters]), the value of index, 2, is not a valid as the first argument (this list has 1 elements). Valid indexes are in the range 1 through the number of elements in the list.

Please try the following:

* Enable Robust Exception Information to provide greater detail about the source of errors. In the Administrator, click Debugging & Logging > Debugging Settings, and select the Robust Exception Information option.
* Check the ColdFusion documentation to verify that you are using the correct syntax.
* Search the Knowledge Base to find a solution to your problem.

Browser Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.5) Gecko/20031007
Remote Address
Referrer http://ask.metafilter.com/contribute/post_comment_preview.mefi
Date/Time 13-Jun-04 12:23 PM

Link: geoff.
posted by SpecialK at 12:26 PM on June 13, 2004

so's yours.


its username.mefi. access user pages via user number until matt fixeth.
posted by quonsar at 1:41 PM on June 13, 2004


posted by quonsar at 1:57 PM on June 13, 2004

You know you guys can drop the period, that was just because geoff was taken.

I'm glad my first metatalk post was something totally out of my hands.
posted by geoff. at 3:57 PM on June 13, 2004

I never seen anyone make so many references to the pile on Metafilter.

Aren't you special!
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 4:33 PM on June 13, 2004

And this has *what* to do with filepile?

Hey! SpecialK420! Can you share with this dude for a minute?
posted by scarabic at 5:48 PM on June 13, 2004

Interesting; I thought I tested it a few other ways and got the same error each time; oh well.

*cough* -I- thought it was significant enough for it's own thread at the time...

Re: FiPi reference: I was trying to cover for the fact that I had just woken up when I posted this and had gotten confused as to which site I was on. Note to self: No posting before caffeine. I rarely reference FiPi on MeFi... they're two great tastes, but they don't necessarily go well with one another.
posted by SpecialK at 5:54 PM on June 13, 2004

FilePile? I've decided I don't need a FilePile account. I wouldn't take one if it was offered.

posted by timeistight at 5:56 PM on June 13, 2004

i have one. i've forgotten the password. i never saw the point. whoosh on me, i guess.
posted by quonsar at 7:03 PM on June 13, 2004

These are not the droids you're looking for.

Sorry, SpecialK. I was pre-caffeine too, and probably unnecessarily snarky.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 7:20 PM on June 13, 2004

i never saw the point.

I'm the bizzarro Groucho: I must belong to a club that won't have me as a member.
posted by timeistight at 10:19 PM on June 13, 2004

I was trying to cover for the fact that I had just woken up when I posted this and had gotten confused as to which site I was on.

Holy Fucking Shit. I don't actually LOL very often, but I think my neighbors heard that one. What an excellent all-purpose excuse. I'll be trying that in many new contexts from now on. "Sorry, boss! I fucked your wife, but it was all pre-caffeine, and, if you count the night before, post-alcohol!"

God I miss the Clinton days....

just kidding, SpecialK - it was a legit bug which had yet to be reported as its own thread. If you're not a professional bug-isolaltor-and-reporter (like so many of us here) count yourself lucky!
posted by scarabic at 10:51 PM on June 13, 2004

every bug has its thread. you cant have your bug if you don't eat your thread. a bug in the hand is worth two in the thread. don't take any threaded buggles. bug goeth before a thread. never count your bugs before posting your thread. don't put all your bugs in the same threadlet.
posted by quonsar at 7:56 AM on June 14, 2004

It's "Bug goeth before the fall," you semiliterate freak. What, you ain't never read a book before?

And why is the FiPi reference obligatory?

(Except of course as an excuse for me to restate my deep and ever abiding yearning for an account there, I mean.)
posted by chicobangs at 9:42 AM on June 14, 2004

the thread, I mean. Never mind. I told the joke wrong. It's why I don't do standup. You're welcome.
posted by chicobangs at 9:43 AM on June 14, 2004

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