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hopefully nipping this in the bud

hey, bruce? I, and other folks, aren't too thrilled with what you're saying in the Elyse Sewell thread. Let's talk about you over here, and keep talking about her over there. [more inside]
posted by heeeraldo on Jan 6, 2008 - 247 comments

wtf quonsar

quonsar, are you trolling or just dumb?
posted by Pope Guilty on Nov 13, 2007 - 370 comments

I can has NO Gnostic Novelist plz?

Could we perhaps gently show Gnostic Novelist where the door is? I would link to some of the more egregious of his baby-smearing-doodoo-all-over-threads, but it's probably simpler just to look at his posting history.
posted by dirtynumbangelboy on Aug 26, 2007 - 200 comments

ask.met... er, I mean provoke.metafilter?

Is this in any way acceptable? By which I mean posting a question that you "know" will be flame-bait, and then taunting those who answer?
posted by CKmtl on Mar 12, 2007 - 43 comments

Too Much Trolling

There seems to be a contingent of people on this website (we all know who they are) who feel the need to pollute threads that would be otherwise relevant, reasonable, and/or interesting. They come in, spew their opinion, and then proceed to turn thought-provoking material into a three ring circus. After having to sift through heaps of vitrol to find comments that even remotely relate to the topic at hand twice today, I've had enough. Your need to have your last word in a public meeting space that prides itself on civil, topical conversation is disgustingly revealing of your immaturity and arrogance. As a user of this site who is primarily a lurker, I want to make a statement on behalf of those people who come here for the fascinating content: If you feel the need to troll and argue, shut up already.
posted by potch on Jan 2, 2006 - 143 comments

If you hate it so much, why are you here?

If you hate it so much, why are you here? (1, 2, 3, 4)
posted by Optimus Chyme on Nov 10, 2005 - 294 comments

Hey refugee/racist people, get your own thread

Hey refugee/racist people, get your own thread. Eight comments into it, the troll succeeds and we're no longer talking about the camps. Good work.
posted by tomharpel on Sep 11, 2005 - 80 comments

paleocon is being seriously disruptive.

I say die New Orleans die.
posted by Optimus Chyme on Sep 3, 2005 - 75 comments

Crosses the line

"And that clot is blocking your wife's cervix."

First, bait emotionally susceptible people with some easy trollery. Second, after you've drawn out some victims, call them "shallow hags" and tell them to "take [their] self-absorbed neuroses to an appropriate forum." Third, deliver the knockout blow: attack them with their own medical conditions!

All in a day's work for Mayor Curley: defeating infertile, shallow internet hags everywhere.
posted by Mid on May 13, 2005 - 148 comments

This is pretty egregious trolling.

The reality is that they stand around thinking they are playing a video game until somebody gets hurt. This is pretty egregious trolling.
posted by Mean Mr. Bucket on Feb 7, 2005 - 50 comments

Sounds like someone's got some sand in her vagina.

Attention store manager: Cleanup in aisle 38721. Troll juice has been spilled, making people cry.
posted by Saucy Intruder on Jan 18, 2005 - 107 comments

"I'm making shit up to provoke a reaction."

Trolling MetaFilter is not very useful: "I'm making shit up to provoke a reaction."
posted by NortonDC on Aug 22, 2004 - 15 comments

"How long will there will cowards logged into Metafilter?"

ParisParamus, 4 am JST : "How long will there will cowards logged into Metafilter?"

ParisParamus, 10:37 am JST : "Metafilter: keeping as many liberal and pacifist a-holes inside, so they do the least amount of damage possible in the real world."
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken on Jul 7, 2004 - 100 comments

Call the Waaah-mbulance

Waah!Filter : Talk about posting your petty grievances in the Blue! Heheh.
posted by mischief on Jun 18, 2004 - 47 comments

particular brand of insane troll logic not welcome

Ok, I wasn't going to say anything when Witty decided to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to ruin amberglow's thread with his particular (read: vapid, boring) brand of insane troll logic. However, he then decided an interesting course of action would be to make a similarly unwarranted (perhaps even moreso) comment in an unrelated thread.

Therefore, I politely and humbly request that Witty please refrain from making similarily irrelevant--and snide--comments in the future, at least in in the blue.
posted by The God Complex on Jun 14, 2004 - 120 comments

FPP: Trolling?

"As for the purpose of this post, I guess I wanted to see if you loud-mouthed, violently prejudiced morons on Mefi had it left in you to try and rationally adress a troubling issue that doesn't jive with your incredibly narrow viewpoints."

Thank you sir may I have another
posted by scarabic on Mar 26, 2004 - 148 comments

"What is this post other than newsfilter?"

"What is this post other than newsfilter?" {more inside}
posted by anastasiav on Mar 12, 2004 - 44 comments

No Iraq amputee trolling please.

Come on do we need this type of trolling here? (more inside)
posted by SuzySmith on Jul 26, 2003 - 29 comments

Us declares itself above the law.

Us declares itself above the law.

Other than one or two people here and there talking about the topic at hand, this thread was basically a shouting match and trolling session. Is this the level of debate that now passes for inteligent from the MetaFilter community?
posted by Zool on May 6, 2002 - 19 comments

A troll by any other name

I'd use the word troll in this case, but it has some connotations that are a bit loaded given the subject.
posted by briank on May 1, 2002 - 33 comments

A litterbox for pooflinging

Groan. Please. Stop.

Maybe we can set up a litterbox someplace where the concerned parties can fling the usual turds at each other till their batteries run down. These FPPs don't even seem to be conducive to discussion anymore. Agree to disagree already.
posted by artifex on Apr 27, 2002 - 30 comments

what is wrong with this picture?

W hat is wrong with this picture?
posted by y2karl on Jan 28, 2002 - 48 comments

He came from under the bridge

This fellow, seems to be one a dem dere trolls....
posted by owillis on Jul 13, 2001 - 38 comments

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