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blue_beetle's fame continues

Slate traces the history of the "you're not the customer, you're the product" line back to blue_beetle's so famous it's on our frickin t-shirts comment.
posted by leotrotsky on Apr 27, 2018 - 36 comments

I Feel Like I Need a New T-Shirt

My old FIAMO one in professional black is getting a bit snug in the middle, if you know what I mean. [more inside]
posted by notyou on Jun 30, 2017 - 83 comments

sorry i was made these purchase because a error...

shop.metafilter.com seems to be broken. There's only one option, and it's not available for sale. [more inside]
posted by TheNewWazoo on Sep 11, 2011 - 114 comments

I [+] Metafilter

Any updates on the "I [+] Metafilter" t-shirts? Apologies if this has already been discussed- a cursory search turned up only the original thread.
posted by nzero on Dec 21, 2010 - 79 comments

I am a fat Special Snowflake

Will there be more MetaFilter t-shirts available? Specifically, t-shirts in men's lard-ass sizes?
posted by BitterOldPunk on Aug 23, 2009 - 24 comments

Some guy: How 'bout that Citi Field? Me: You mean the green?

I wore my brand spankin' new Mets-style MetaFilter t-shirt out in the streets of New York yesterday. Hilarity ensued. [more inside]
posted by ocherdraco on Jun 26, 2009 - 69 comments

What flameout?

Flag It and Move On [more inside]
posted by special-k on Mar 21, 2009 - 69 comments

SCIENCE! bags and tees

The website of the Mefite who made science! themed tees and bags? [more inside]
posted by Ugh on Jul 6, 2008 - 14 comments

Meet the new ad, [not the] same as the old ad.

Just wanted to say that the new t-shirt ad on the blue is sooo much easier on the eyes than the old one, so thanks.
posted by amyms on Jun 11, 2007 - 42 comments


I got home from work yesterday to find my totally awesome MetaFilter t-shirt waiting for me in my pile of mail! Anyone else sporting one of these totally cool and very blue t-shirts?
posted by punkrockrat on May 19, 2007 - 125 comments

Who's Linking to you, linking to me

NoBiggieCuriosityFilter: I run a t-shirt website, and I've noticed a significant bump in traffic today coming in from this askme post I made a while ago. While I normally get a few randoms in from MeFi a day, this seems significantly larger then usual, which I can only assume is because someone somewhere else is linking to that ask me question and generating traffic for me second hand. I'm really just curious about it, and am wondering if any of the admins would mind taking a quick look at where they are coming from for me. If not, no Biggie.
posted by Jezztek on Mar 12, 2007 - 3 comments

Teachers wear Ask Me shirts

Thought you might get a kick out of the shirts that all of the staff members at my school had to wear for the first day of class (they were supposed to make us more recognizable/approachable).

Unbeknownst to anyone else I considered mine to be a subtle ask metafilter ad.... (more inside)
posted by davey_darling on Aug 30, 2006 - 37 comments

Goatse t-shirt in NY Times photo

Did everyone see Anil's t-shirt in the recent article on Google in the NY Times?!?!?!
posted by gen on Jun 1, 2005 - 27 comments

[this is good] t-shirt

posted by keswick on Mar 4, 2005 - 66 comments

A pancakes T-shirt

i always wondered what kept metafilter going.

via boing boing
posted by taumeson on Apr 4, 2004 - 6 comments

Are there t-shirts?

The BushFilter ad redirects to MetaFilter. Are there t-shirts?
posted by the fire you left me on Jul 17, 2003 - 16 comments

Cafepress Hoody with extra bling?

Cafepress Hoody with extra bling? With "Pancake Overlords" written in Old English type on the front? In time for the holidays?
posted by eddydamascene on Nov 26, 2002 - 19 comments

I'm wearing my MeFi t-shirt today...

I'm wearing my MeFi t-shirt today, which declares "MF" in big letters on the front. Unfortunately I got my order in before the frontal design changed to read "MeFi" instead of "MF". Did anyone else buy one of these, and if so, did you wear it to the office? What did your coworkers say? Did they call you a MoFo?
posted by TreeHugger on Nov 26, 2002 - 34 comments

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