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Better way of tracking threads that aren't favorites

Pony request: Can we have temporary favorites? There are often threads I want to follow, but not make favorites, but if I make them a favorite, then I have delete from my favorites later on. This gets to be a chore when there's a lot of interesting stuff. Yes, there's the My comments page, but I find it useless, as it only tracks the last ten comments made to the thread, as opposed to only new comments since I last read the thread and it tracks threads I've commented on. With temporary favorites, I could say "watch this thread for x amount of time". Then if there was a page of just these temp favorites, it make it easy to keep tabs on threads that interest me. Or basically, just a better way of keeping tabs on threads the user finds interesting without having to make them favorites, which seem like a more permanent marker.
posted by Brandon Blatcher on May 16, 2007 - 25 comments

Is there a MetaFilter watchlist?

Matt: Do you have a "watch list" like the Department of Homeland Security apparetly has? I mean a list of potential offenders in terms of breaking the MeFi code. Dumb posters like me. Do you look out for certain types of threads and within them do you purge threatening content? Do you profile? What does the "War On Terror" mean to MetaFilter in terms of spying stuff and administration people? Has George W. Bush's adminstration had an impact on MetFilter in a concrete way? Beyond NewsFilter have you been seriously pressured at any time beyond the five bucks? Sorry for the double query. has Karl Rove or his proxy knocked on your door?
posted by persona non grata on Aug 11, 2006 - 58 comments

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