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Fucking Fuck Fuckity Fuck Thread

A place to yell, to let it all out, to vent. Let loose all of your frustrations and anger. This is a void in which you can scream into safely. Fuck it.
posted by Fizz on Jan 28, 2020 - 145 comments

I really don't understand this site anymore.

I really don't understand this site anymore. I have been reading for a year and been a member for about seven months. My last two posts turned into people yelling at me, or telling me I posted in the wrong place.

Just like this one will turn into people calling me names and being negative.

I don't get it. I read the "About Us" and "FAQ", I get yelled at for signing my posts, not posting in the right place. NOBODY offers help, just kicking me in the shins for not understanding the subtle nuances of this site. Which, I might point out, aren't explicitly outlined! Something too "MetaTalk-y"? Great, what does that mean? These the same folks that yelled at me when I made a comment that MeFi looks like 2 day old Reddit.

Y'all have fun with your internet clique. There are good people on this site, but these days it seems like the mean ones are loudest.


posted by mogabog on Dec 14, 2006 - 158 comments

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